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Frey & Viggo vs Tak - Custom Video Series 24

$ 18.99
$ 29.95

This 32 min custom match starts out..."Let us watch the game, bro!"

TAK is watching his favorite reality show on TV when Frey and Viggo arrive, demanding that he switch channels so they can watch the Big Game. Needless to say, this confrontation does not go well for TAK, who taunts the two physique stars by refusing to surrender the remote.The argument moves to the living room, as Frey forces TAK over his knee, while Viggo works the blonde's abs with his elbow. Frey escalates the attack with a choke on TAK, while Viggo contributes his punishing leg scissors. On the mat, Frey nearly pulls TAK's shoulders out of their sockets, as Viggo applies a painful crotch stretch. With his feet on TAK's shoulders, Frey cranks away at TAK's shoulders, as Viggo only increases the pressure of his crushing leg scissors.Changing tactics, Frey grabs his tank top so he can choke TAK with it, while slamming his knee into the back as Viggo works over TAK's abs. TAK suffers in bear hugs from both guys, as they taunt and tease him about his featherweight physique. As TAK tries to kick Frey, he is stripped out of his shorts down to posers, and put right into Frey's brutal bear hug.Viggo lays forearm smashes into TAK's back, and Frey tosses him to the mat, then onto the couch. TAK tries to retaliate with a knee to Frey's abs, and a forearm blow to Viggo, even managing an elbow drop. Frey attempts a defense, but TAK has both men down and seizes the advantage.TAK stands on their backs and flexes, delivering an elbow drop on Frey, then choking Viggo with that tank top. With both of the big men down, TAK drags Viggo on top of Frey, and manages to crank back on BOTH men's thick necks. With a sharp elbow in Viggo's back, he renders abit of sweet revenge- and when Frey tries to rise from the bottom of the pile, Frey punishes both men with another wrenching neck crank. TAK is standing on Viggo's back, as he smother's Frey, enjoying his triumph as "King of the Hill", until Viggo trips him up.Frey gets TAK into his patented Camel Clutch, with Viggo adding painful stretch to the legs. Viggo elbows TAK in the back as Frey holds him down, then the two really double team the poor kid, unleashing a brutal barrage from which TAK has no chance of escape.Since it's clear TAK is doomed, the fun is watching Frey and Viggo's sadistic pleasure in the pain they inflict on their hapless victim. Just wait until you see how creative these guys can get with some duct tape and a roll of industrial strength plastic wrap!