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Blayne puts Viking and Frey into a chicken wing at the same time at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Frey & Viking vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 78

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

The creator of this custom just emailed, Mr.Mike and said,”Match was awesome!!!!!! You put in everything I asked and then some. Really happy the time tables could be worked out. Thanks!!!!!!”

If you like to see big vs little matches and the underdog kick butt this is going to be a new favorite match to add to your collection!  So many great 2 on 1 moves it was a blast filming this match.  So action packed and intense surprise moves that will blow you away.  Blayne has added on 10 lbs of muscle and looks shredded, while Viking has added 20 lbs of muscle and attitude you will love to see.  

Set-up: Viking & Frey meeting up for friendly match. When they are about to start Blayne walks in and asks if they want to make it an every man for themselves match. They laugh and say they only face real competition, as he is a loser who only loses. Blayne gets mad and attacks them and squashes them Both.  You’ll see moves like double surfboard, bow & Arrow, double headlock, double clothesline 
include ab bashing plus Blayne doing push ups, with one hand on each of their chests, above them like it is nothing!  Blayne doing a double game of mercy with one hand against both of their hands and winning both simultaneously!