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Frey Adam Bryant choke lift carry back arms biceps

Frey vs Adam Bryant - No Holds Barred 66

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Frey flexes for the camera. "Wait for what's to come next!" Adam Bryant flexes for the camera introducing himself, "I did a lot of wrestling in high school. These muscles can do real damage!" Frey runs in, picks up Adam on one shoulder, and THROWS him to the mat. The veteran locks in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. "Show me your bicep again!" orders Frey. "Give up! What do you got?" 
Both lock up. Frey lifts Adam in a reverse bearhug. "You wanna go for a ride?" He picks Adam up in a TORTURE RACK and throws him down. Adam LOW BLOWS Frey from behind. "You may not know me, but you will when we're done!"
Frey recovers, SLAMS Adam to the mat, and BALL CLAWS him. "You wanna play like that?" The vet locks in a Boston crab and BALL CLAWS the rookie. Frey is PISSED and picks Adam up in another TORTURE RACK. "You're gonna regret what you just did to me!" says Frey. He GUT PUNCHES and puts Adam in over the knee BACK BREAKER demanding an apology! Adam refuses.
Frey STRETCHES Adam's legs apart. "Say you're sorry!" Adam refuses, and Frey ball claws him again. "Say you're sorry!" Adam moans, "I will never!" Frey pins Adam's arms behind his back and stretches his legs. He delivers another over the knee BACK BREAKER, still no apology. The veteran picks up the rookie on one shoulder, SPINS him around, and DROPS Adam on his knee. The newbie's gut is in pain, and he can barely stand!
Frey takes Adam down again and CHOKES him with two hands. "Say you're sorry!" Adam escapes and locks Frey in a reverse head scissors. "How you like that?" yells Adam. He locks Frey in more head scissors. "You had enough. It's your turn to apologize!" Frey refuses and BALL CLAWS Adam to break the hold.
Frey recovers and CHOKELIFTS Adam. He drops him down into a MASSIVE front bearhug. "Give up!" orders Frey. "Say you're sorry, or say I quit!" He refuses. Frey locks Adam in a FIGURE FOUR LEG HOLD. Adam SCREAMS in pain while Frey does sit ups in the hold. The rookie can't take the pain and taps out! His legs are DESTROYED! 
Adam recovers and wants revenge! One of these wrestlers is about to get a beating and is put in a MASSIVE sleeper! "Don't die on me!" To add more pain, the winner BURIES his knee in the loser's back and YANKS on his arms! At this point, the loser is in EXCRUCIATING pain and is pinned not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES! Frey the Beautiful or the rookie Adam Bryant? All signs point to you loving this match!