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Frey archer lift and carry tombstone piledriver

Frey vs Archer - Battlespace 67

$ 25.95

Archer admits to having been scared to get on the mat with Frey when he was wrestling at Thunders Arena previously. But hes been training hard for a year and says hes now ready to take on powerful Frey and make him submit. Frey mocks the smaller guy and clearly looks forward to using his big guns and experience on the mat to give Archer a lesson in domination. Archer demonstrates that he has added both skills and power to his abilities and he puts Frey into some impressive holds throughout the match, including arms bars, sleeper holds, full nelsons and an airplane spin. In one awesome move, Archer puts Freys right arm in an arm bar then quickly switches the hold to Freys left arm. Even Frey grudgingly admits that Archer has got some speed. Of course, Frey is a tough, powerful veteran of the mat and he administers some real punishment to smaller Archer, taunting him with trash talk. After putting Archer into a Boston Crab, he asks, You sure you dont want to leave Thunders again. Tough Archer insists hes not giving up. So the powerful Frey puts him into a full nelson, bear hug and over the knee back breaker in rapid succession. These guys exchange some great wrestling moves, but there is also lots of gut punching and even a few dirty shots by Frey. Archer is determined to be successful in his return to Thunders Arena and he battles the big veteran Frey right to the end. Does Frey put the little guy down or does Archer score a big upset against cocky Frey? You will want to get the video to see the hot ending.