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Over the knee back breaker Thunders arena

Frey vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 60

$ 25.95

Blayne is flexing and showing off to Frey while bragging that he deserves Frey's old nickname of "the beautiful". Frey plays along and gives Blayne a chance to show how "beautiful" he thinks he is. But while Blayne steps up to flex and kiss his muscles, Frey just mocks him behind his back without Blayne knowing. He laughs at Blayne's poses, copies him to show how silly he thinks Blayne looks, and mimes how there is a bad smell whenever a clueless Blayne lifts his arms. Blayne has no idea Frey is making fun of him until Frey starts feeling Blayne's muscles, commenting on how small and weak they are.
He puts Blayne's body to the test by squeezing his pecs and knocks the wind out of Blayne with some punches to his abs. Frey finishes Blayne off by grabbing him low and squeezing until Blayne collapses. Frey plants a foot on Blayne and starts posing over him, but Blayne manages to crawl away leaving Frey to flex and show off why he's the beautiful one.
Blayne is upset over being embarrassed by Frey and crawls up behind him while Frey is busy flexing and kissing his muscles. He gives Frey a sneaky low blow from behind, making Frey collapse to the floor. Blayne gloats over Frey who complains about the dirty cheap shot, but Blayne doesn't care and delivers more shots to Frey's groin to stop him from fighting back. Once Frey is weakened, Blayne starts showing off again, flexing every chance he gets and arrogantly kissing his muscles while calling himself the real beautiful one. He puts Frey in holds that allow Blayne to flex and tries to get Frey to admit that Blayne is beautiful. He complains about having to smell Blayne's armpit while he's trapped in a headlock and asks how Blayne can call himself beautiful smelling like that? Blayne doesn't believe Frey and sniffs his armpit to check, making Frey laugh at him when Blayne can't help overreacting to the smell. Blayne gets mad about being embarrassed again and not only low blows Frey but adds insult to injury with some sweaty pit stops.
Frey still thinks Blayne is weak so Blayne demands a test of strength, flexing his muscles to try and show how strong he is. Frey thinks this might be his chance to overpower Blayne and take back control but when it looks like Frey is beginning to win, Blayne saves himself by kicking Frey low. He keeps his grip to try and make it look like he is "winning" fair and square when Frey starts to go down, then tries to embarrass Frey by letting go with one hand, giving a weakened Frey the chance to use two arms against one of his. Blayne gets too cocky and starts flexing and kissing his free arm, bragging about how strong his beautiful biceps are, which gives Frey enough time to recover and win with a final burst of strength. Blayne is upset to have been shown up and low blows Frey again, but Frey still thinks this proves Blayne is weak because he lost the strength test. Blayne refuses to accept defeat because Frey only won the test of arm strength and Blayne wants to test their leg strength too. They sit face to face, putting their feet together to try and push each other back, but Frey stalls a few times before they start. Blayne thinks it's because he is scared to lose, but Frey reveals the real reason is because he's struggling with having Blayne's smelly feet this close to him. Blayne gets mad and tries to insult Frey's feet too, but the distraction costs him and Frey manages to win by pushing against Blayne's feet to bowl him over. Blayne can't believe he lost again but acts like a sore loser by low blowing Frey, then stands on his face to ask how his feet smell now? He doesn't like Frey's reply that they still stink and gets worked up trying to make Frey admit he is actually beautiful. He put Frey in an over the knee backbreaker, but Frey doesn't quit until Blayne grabs him low and refuses to let go unless Frey agrees to admit that Blayne is beautiful. Will Frey admit to the beauty of Blayne?