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Frey chokes Blayne head lock huge pecs chest

Frey vs Blayne - Mat Wars 73

$ 25.95

Thunders Arena newcomer, the ripped and shredded Blayne, take on the muscular veteran Frey in this matchup. The cameras start rolling catching Frey already hazing the "fresh meat", holding him high overhead in an impressive gorilla press, laughing arrogantly before dropping Blayne unceremoniously to the mat below. Blayne withers in pain on the ground and Frey flexes and poses above him, while verbally tearing him down. Pulling Blayne up into a seated position, Frey grabs ahold of both arms, locking in a brutal surfboard stretch that already has Blayne begging "no more". Having yet to even break a sweat, Frey continues to toy with Blayne. Letting him up before grabbing him to roll around the mat. Showing some skills of his own, Blayne manages to outmaneuver the veteran Frey, grabbing a bearhug. Caught off guard, Frey battles Blayne back down to the mat, wrapping him up in a bodyscissors submission hold. Squeezing his powerful thighs over Blaynes shredded midsection, Frey tries to squeeze the life out of his opponent. Showint more tenacity, Blayne manages another go behind, rolling all over the mat with Frey in a waistlock. Keeping the momentum rolling, Blayne even manages to scoop frey up in the air to deliver a vicious backbreaker. Frustrated with the new guys disobedience, Frey shows his strength again, scooping Blayne high up over his shoulder, going back on the abdominal attack, driving his massive deltoid into Blaynes shredded abs before dropping him with a brutal gutbuster and locking in a torturous abdominal stretch. With Blayne crawling on all fours, Frey reaches down from behind deadlifting the competitor back up to his feet and into another bearhug! Not wanting a loss in his first outing, Blayne digs deep to muster up the strength to scoop Frey up for another over the knee backbreaker, holding him arched over the knee and looking for a submission. "Get up, lets see what you've got!" Blayne exclaims, with some new found swagger and confidence in his voice. Not one to stand for such disrespect, Frey surprises Blayne as he goes to pick him up, rolling over him and stretching him on the mat before hoisting him up in an amazing torture rack submission hold, trying to fold Blayne in half before dumping him down to the mat below. As Blayne fights back and tries to dump Frey over his head, Frey demonstrates AMAZING athleticism, actually evading the throw by catching himself and walking away in a handstand before jumping the unexpecting Blayne from behind in a sleeper hold. Wrenching the hold relentlessly, Frey continues to cut off the blood flow and he using the sleeper hold to drive Blaynes spine into a knee, before transitioning the hold into an absolutely brutal dragon sleeper, arching Blayne backwards in agony. After landing a clubbing blow to the midsection, the ever confident Frey steps on his opponent and poses, before sitting on his lower back an applying a painful modified bow and arrow submission hold and a devastating camel clutch. Blayne refuses to tap as Frey rips and pulls at his spine as if he's actually trying to remove his head from his shoulders. Frey continues the beatdown, driving a knee into Blaynes lower back and pulling back on the head even further, as Blayne groans in agony. With his body bent into a backwards "C", Blayne fights to stay in the match.....