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Frey Braden Charron camel clutch submission submit pain torture thunders arena

Frey vs Braden Charron - Bodybuilder Battle 83 (Mini match)

$ 31.25

15 min match

Braden challenges Frey to an all out wrestling match. The two begin grappling and Braden gets Frey into a painful front headlock and knocks him down to the mat, only to get him back up into a killer back breaker. Frey screams as his back gets worked while simultaneously getting an a claw to the abs. Frey then retaliates by crushing the air out of Braden’s lungs with a bearhug, then stretches that back with an intense camel clutch. Not satisfied Frey then takes Braden into a powerful back breaker himself. Braden then goes on a rampage and gets Frey into a number of holds, ending in Frey screaming ‘I give’ as Braden pulls on his back in a feat of raw strength with a fireman’s carry. Frey takes Braden dow trying to get a give out of him in a painful figure four. Despite all of his screaming, Braden doesn’t give and Frey decides to torture his legs in another way. Frey goes through a barrage of leg killing moves, culminating in an intense banana split that stretches Braden so much he finally gives. With 1 give each, Frey continues his attack trying to become the victor. He gets Braden into a breathtaking body scissors, and starts to intensely stretch his arms and shoulders, leaving Braden gasping for air on the mat. Who’s going to come out of this match the victor? Will Frey or Braden be the next to scream I give? Buy the match to find out!