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Frey Braden Charron armbar arm submission wrestling chest pecs arms pain

Frey vs Braden Charron - Rough & Ready 37

$ 25.95

Braden is furious at Frey for interrupting his earlier match against TAK, and making him look bad. Frey doesn’t think he did anything wrong, he thinks Braden was being a bully by picking on a smaller guy TAK, and he’s pretty happy to be taking Frey down solo this time. He’s calling Frey out, tells him to come step into the ring and bring it on, Frey’s pretty ready to take Braden down on the ring, showing him he had to pick on the little guy because he can’t take on guys his own size. They’re chest to chest, talking smack into one another’s faces and trying to intimidate the other. They lock up and Braden quickly throws Frey down to the mat before they lock back up again. Frey takes Braden down this time, and when Braden gets back up he’s trying to close line Frey, but Frey keeps dodging. Frey knocks him down and throws a bunch of quick gut punches to take away Braden’s breath before rolling him over and putting him into a killer bow and arrow! He’s pulling away at Braden’s limbs and Braden screaming in pain, Frey’s just feeding off his pain. He lets him go but doesn’t give him any time before ripping him back into a boston crab. Frey’s laughing at him, saying he’s real big but very slow. Braden can’t even respond he’s in too much pain. Frey isn’t planning on letting Braden get the upper hand at all, he immediately drops him down and locks him into a choke hold. Braden’s gasping for air and clearly in shock at the onslaught Braden’s unleashing on him. Frey puts him into an armor, and this is where Braden can finally show the advantage of having huge muscles. He just starts flexing his massive biceps and is able to fling Frey off of him. Now it’s his turn to apply his sheer muscular strength against the arrogant Frey. He gets on top of Frey and puts him into a camel clutch, wrecking his back. ‘Don’t break me!!’ Frey’s screaming as Braden’s huge muscles continue pulling him back. Braden lets him go and starts to pick him up and body slam Frey against the mat repeatedly, Frey’s screaming in pain and grabbing at his aching back. But Braden’s pissed off, and he’s not giving Frey a chance to fight back. He pulls Frey up off of the mat and starts crushing him in a bearhug, repeatedly pumping his biceps and smiling as the air is being crushed out of Frey. He can barely breathe through all of his screams. Braden drops him down to flex and show off for a bit before picking Frey right back up and crushing him even more in a bearhug. He screams to be put down and Braden obliges, throwing him full force onto the mat. Braden’s a giant muscle god who’s furious at Frey. Frey’s an extremely skilled wrestler who’s defending the weaker guys. Who’s going to come out on top in this battle of power vs skill?