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hot guys wrestling

Frey vs Cap - Mat Wars 103

$ 31.25

You read that right; Spider-Man has joined Thunder's Arena! Well kind of, Cap thinks his name should be changed, we'll explain in a minute. 
Frey flexes his BOULDER biceps kissing them for the camera. Cap walks in, "This is my house! You think that you're massive? Look at me!" Cap flexes his bulging biceps and abs. "You'd think you'd have a better six pack being that skinny!" mocks Frey. "It's the lighting. I don't need the extra energy to wrestle you! Look at all these veins. They call me Spider-Man!" says Cap.
Cap PICKS UP Frey in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "I don't think you're going anywhere!" Frey STRUGGLES to flex out of the hold. "Cap, I got something for ya!" Frey LOW BLOWS Cap in a reverse kick and applies his own full nelson. The punishment continues with a RIB-CRUSHING rear bearhug then TIGHT ab stretch! "You got great abs right? Let's put em to the test!" says Frey. Cap is in pain but DECLARES his new name is Spider-Man!
Cap's abs are RED from the VICIOUS ab stretch! Frey wants more pain and GUT PUNCHES him against the wall. "Stop!" Cap picks up Frey, BODYSLAMS him, and gut punches back. Spider-Man FLIES through the air and BODY SPLASHES on top of Frey! "OHHH!" moans the veteran.  Spider-Man lends a hand, "Let me help ya up. I know you're getting old!" Frey is over the DISRESPECT and puts Cap in a CRIPPLING Boston crab.
They lock up. Frey gets a quick takedown, but Cap recovers, BEARHUGS Frey, and SLAMS him to the mat. "Time to go to bed. I've whooped your ass enough!" says Cap. Frey isn't done and BEARHUGS Cap SHAKING him up and down. "Put me down!" Frey replies, "I'm gonna do it the right way!" AN ATOMIC DROP!!!
"Let's go!" Time for a GUT PUNCH BATTLE. These guys want to DESTROY each other punching harder and harder! Frey wants to put "Spider-Man" away and locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissor. "Too bad your legs are weak!" moans Cap. Frey changes his hold into a LEG SLEEPER. "Just tap, and I'll let you go!" Spider-Man is GASPING for air and TAPS OUT!
Cap recovers and KICKS Frey's leg out tripping him. He STOMPS Frey's back CRUSHING him into the mat! The veteran struggles to breathe, so the devious Cap applies a MASSIVE Boston crab! "This is getting boring here. You're interrupting my sleep time!" says Cap. Frey grabs Cap's ankles and FLIPS him over to break away. 
Frey is WINDED. "What's wrong old man? You look out of shape for this! Let's hear it, what's my new name?" asks Cap. "You're not vascular to be called Spidey!" says Frey. Cap flexes and is KICKED in the balls. "Guess where you're going?" Frey picks up Cap across his muscular chest and into an over the knee BACK BREAKER! To add more pain, he GRINDS his elbow into Cap's abs counting the veins that pop out!
A fireman's carry, ab stretch, uppercut, headlock, SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, THE MOST INSANE GUT PUNCHING in Thunder's history! Trust us, after watching this match, YOU WILL BE feeling the PAIN too!