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wrestler in a body scissor

Frey vs Chase88 - Mat Wars 119

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Chase88 is upset with Frey and blames him for his loss to Mr. Wonderful, "We could have won the other night if you just let me do my thing. You kept intervening!" Frey totally disagrees, "No, if you would have listened to me then you would have won!" The rookie keeps arguing, and Frey has had enough. Time for him to put his money where his mouth is. "Show me what you do best!" says Frey.

The muscle hunks tie up. Frey delivers a crushing rear bearhug then transitions to side splitting ab stretch! Chase88 screams in pain under the intense pressure. "If you would have just listened, but no, you know everything right?" Frey launches the rookie across the mat in a SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN! Chase88 recovers with a surprise gut punch and locks in a sleeper, "It's your fault we lost. You have to accept that!" Frey struggles to escape and retaliates with a skull-crushing headlock, "Say I was right, and I'll let you go!" "Screw you!" Neither muscle titan shows any sign of giving in and try taking out each other with vicious ankle locks. "I'll break it!" threatens Frey. "You can try!" The vet is up for the challenge and transitions to a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. Chase88 is in excruciating pain but won't submit, "I'm never apologizing!" Frey releases the hold too soon allowing the rookie to deliver a massive Boston crab, "You think you're the best. You're nothing!" Frey clutches his aching back and stands to his feet. He will not be disrespected and delivers an ATOMIC DROP sending the rookie crumbling to the mat. The vet wraps his quads around Chase88 in a rib-crushing body scissors, "You can't push those trunks off you. Give up!" The rookie is in agony as Frey releases the hold and goes for a sleeper. Chase88 gasps for air and resorts to a low blow to escape and delivers a bow and arrow! Frey repays the favor with a low blow of his own. Time for some payback: an ab stretch, DOUBLE PEC CLAW, and repeated over the knee back breakers has Chase88 howling in pain. Frey isn't done and begins choking out the rookie with his quads but let's go before he passes out. "What's your specialty? What do you got?" scoffs Frey. Chase88 charges in lifting the vet in a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY before slamming him to the mat. The muscle stud is seeing stars as he lays helpless on the mat. The rookie wants revenge for his hurt back and stomps on the vet before delivering a back-breaking camel clutch. Frey's face is pure torture as his back is being destroyed. "You're not as good as you used to be!" mocks the vengeful rookie. Frey recovers and delivers another ATOMIC DROP, "You're right. I'm not as good as I used to be. I'm better!" The action intensifies: a torture rack, dragon sleepers, shoulder carries, a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Will Chase88 get his revenge for his match interference? Will Frey get the rookie to admit he was right? One things for sure, the devious winner isn't just happy with one knock out. He wakes his victim up to inflict more pain and devastation until he's satisfied with his defeat!