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wrestlers pulling each others hair

Frey vs Angus - Mat Rats 106

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Frey vs Angus - Mat Rats 106. Angus is 5' 10" and 200 lbs of country boy from Virginia.  He wrestled 4 years in high school but then went on to becoming one of the biggest bad ass strippers in Atlanta.  He recently had a dirt bike accident that has preventing him from lifting, but he is hitting the gym fast and furious to build his body back after he saw how buff everyone was at Thunder's.  He side job in college to pay the bills was a repo man, so that's how he learned to street fight so well and is excited to try his skills at Thunder's against other wrestlers.

Angus is 5'10" 200lbs of pure Angus beef from Virginia. A four year high school wrestler, bad ass Atlanta stripper, and repo man in college, this big ol' country boy knows how to street fight! He's starting to get back in the gym and ready to show the Thunder's roster what he can do!
Angus is on the mat holding an ice cream sandwich. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Frey RIPS it out of his hand. "270 CALORIES!" Angus pleads, "I just did 2 hours of cardio!" Frey pats his squishy belly, "You need 2 years of cardio. This ain't how you get a six pack! I came here to train you." Angus is irritated, "Do I look like I need you?" The rookie CHEST BUMPS his trainer with his beefy pecs, "This right here is country muscle!" Frey mocks, "Felt like jello! What the hell you lifting, twinkies?"
Angus has had enough and BEARHUGS Frey. "That's the country muscle for ya!" Frey escapes, BEARHUGS Angus, and locks in a CRIPPLING Boston crab. "Stay there for a minute. Think about what you just did!"
Angus lifts Frey in a MASSIVE bearhug. "You're a little smarter than you look!" moans Frey. The veteran takes the rookie down, PINS his arms, and GUT PUNCHES him. "Is that all you got!" laughs Angus. Frey locks in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors, but it doesn't seem to affect his flabby gut. Angus rolls Frey over and PEC CLAWS the vet. The trainer breaks out, "I'm Frey. Nice to meet you. Your career's gonna be short lived!" Angus climbs on Frey's back locking in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "Country muscles on you now. I'm Angus. Don't forget it!" This match is very back and forth! 
"A little back woods wrestling!" says Frey. Bearhugs, takedowns, head scissors, full nelsons. Angus straddles Frey, "Those pecs ain't helping you right now, are they?" The veteran takes the rookie down and PEC CLAWS his flabby chest. "You ain't even got pecs man! Say you give, and I'll let you go!"
Angus escapes, takes down Frey, and straddles his back. "Come on, do a push up!" Frey PIGGY BACKS the 200 pound slab of beef into the air; his arms STRAINING under the weight! He holds Angus up as long as he can but COLLAPSES to the mat unable to do a push up. Both wrestlers roll around the mat. Frey locks in a TIGHT cradle and RIPS off Angus's shorts. Full nelsons, headlocks, a bow and arrow, even a LOW BLOW kick! These guys want to INFLICT PAIN!
The battle continues! Tight school boy pins, hair pulling, bearhugs, sleepers, TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVERS! Will Frey the Beautiful win? Will Angus come out on top, proving he's the PRIME CUT of Angus beef, or will he fall to the bottom proving he's just the SELECT CUT? One things for sure, the INCREDIBLE ending will have you replaying it again and again!!