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Clint Frey camel clutch tattoos arms pecs chest

Frey vs Clint - Bearhug Challenge 17

$ 25.95

Whoever gets the most bearhugs in 10 minutes wins!! Frey the Beautiful flexes and says he's about to meet a new guy. In walks a country boy turned wrestler Clint, "I'm here. I'm a whoop him. I'm ready to get this on!" Frey shake's his head in disbelief, "You realize the pressure I can apply with this chest when I squeeze you!" Clint has had it with the trash talk, and this bearhug battle is on!
The rookie Clint easily picks up Frey in a MASSIVE front bearhug then releases the vet. Frey admits, "You're a little quicker than I thought. That doesn't count. I didn't say I give." Now that Clint knows the rules, he declares, "I'll hold you all day!" Frey lifts Clint in a rear bearhug. The score is 1-1.
They tie up. Frey gets Clint in a lifted rear bearhug and forces a submission. "Come on Clint let's go! How those ribs?" The veteran takes the lead 2-1. Clint picks up Frey in a front bearhug BOUNCING him up and down. "I give!" yells Frey. The score is 2-2. 
"Yeehaw baby, you ain't ready for this country boy!" Clint feels on top, but Frey surprises him with a lifted front bearhug. "Come on, give up Clint!" Score: 3-2
Clint recovers, "Let's go!" He lifts Frey in rear bearhug. "I got you, BIG SISSY BITCH!" Frey gives in and tries to calm the rookie, "I'm right here country boy, you ain't gotta yell at me." We're tied at 3.
Frey gets Clint in lifted rear bearhug. "Give up!" Point Frey. Then he lifts Clint in a RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug. Score: 5-3
The veteran decides to change things up and puts Clint in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "This ain't fair, you're cheating!" moans Clint. 6-3. Clint is PISSED and lifts Frey in a MASSIVE rear bearhug. Score: 6-4. "You think you can catch up?" asks Frey. "I ain't worried about it!" 
The bearhug challenge goes out the window. One of these wrestlers is out to HURT their opponent! The winner applies a TIGHT rear arm lock then CRUSHES their opponent's balls by pulling his arm between his legs!! To add MORE PAIN, the loser is LIFTED in the air still with his arm between his legs. He YELLS IN AGONY until he is forced to give up. The loser collapses to the mat and passes out from the pain. Who wins, Frey the Beautiful or the country boy Clint? You gotta buy it to find out!