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Frey Cuban Lift and carry full Nelson submission flex muscle worship

Frey vs Cuban - Rough & Ready 63

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

With the embargo lifted, we meet the thickly muscled newcomer,Cuban, who looks as beefy as a classic wrestler from back in the day. Frey maintains his impressively conditioned physique, even as he adds more mass. After some initial trash talk, they two combattants engage in a collar and elbow tie-up. Instantly, Frey lifts Cuban off the ground in a display of power, and proceeds to parade him around the outdoor mat, then drops the big man on his back onto the hard surface. Grabbing Cuban's ankles, he easily transitions into a camel clutch, and sits into it, punishing the lower back of his victim. After Cuban powers out, he wraps his thick arms around Frey's waist, and lifts him off his feet into a bearhug. With Frey in the air, Cuban parades around the mat, then jogs in a circle to disorient Frey before abruptly dropping him onto the mat for a taste of his own medicine. Cuban then goes to work on Frey's left arm, elbow and shoulder get some abuse. When Cuban relents, Frey asks the rookie for help getting up... Which is, of course, a deceptive tactic so that Frey can lift Cuban off his feet in his patented bearhug. Score one for Experience. But just at this moment, ZMan wanders onto the scene, trying to distract his long-time rival Frey. Instead, Frey counters by using Cuban as a battering ram to knock ZMan into a tall wooden fence around the yard. ZMan encourages Cuban to "kick Frey's ass!", and proceeds to be a distracting complication for the embattled Frey- and Cuban escapes his clutches. Cuban pulls Frey to the center of the mat and right into a full nelson, then adds a crotch split that has the veteran howling in pain. They two roll around, until Cuban puts a front facelock on Frey, while ZMan coaches from the sidelines. Cuban rolls onto his back in order to get more leverage in his powerful hold, but the wiley Frey scores a Reversal! With a front facelock on Cuban, Frey wraps his powerful legs around Cuban's thick torso and crushes his ribcage. He slams his legs into Cuban's abs and squeezes even harder...then thrusts Cuban's head between his quads and proceeds to bash Cuban's face into the mat, while continuing to crush his body with those tightly wrapped thighs. Once Cuban is free, he attacks Frey's ankles, flexing over him, then climbs onto Frey's back to apply a vicious choke hold. The two manage to get to their feet in the struggle, and Cuban drags Frey to a nearby tree, then attempts to smash his throat with his foot, in an impressive display of power and flexibility. Choking, Frey staggers to the mat, his windpipe crushed, but his stamina and resilience surprises the arrogant Cuban. Frey delivers a stunning gut punch on Cuban which drops the behemoth to the mat. Frey continues to punch Cuban's exposed abs, then plants his knee in Cuban's back and pulls both his arms back in a ruthless shoulder breaker guaranteed to tear Cuban's mighty pecs to pieces. With the ZMan there as distraction and "coach", Cuban manages to flip over and wrap his massive thighs around Frey, locking them around his torso, and having learned a painful lesson, adds a rear naked choke. Frey is released...was that a feeble tap out? In furious revenge, Frey charges Cuban, lifting him off his feet, then dropping him onto his bent knee in a sadistic spinebuster. He manhandles Cuban like a guy half his size, until Cuban hoists Frey up and onto his broad shoulders. He spins Frey around, until the weight of Frey's muscularity causes him to collapse. Taking advantage of this moment, Frey attacks Cuban's shoulder, and makes him suffer with a vicious torso twist. Frey lifts Cuban across his back in a russian hanging with their elbows locked, stretching Cuban's back, wrecking his injured shoulders, and spins around to disorient the beast. When Cuban is tossed to the mat, Frey flexes over him in a triumphant double-bicep pose...which makes him the perfect viction for Cuban's brutal full nelson. This transitions into a bear hug on Frey, who is then dragged down to the mat, so that Cuban can apply his full nelson/ choke hold combination on Frey, until he weakens...or appears to! Frey engages Cuban in a Test of Strength, with fingers interlocked. Cuban exerts his considerable power, causing Frey to scream in pain, but in retaliation, Frey hoists Cuban onto his shoulders in a fireman carry, finally racking him across his shoulders. Frey never ceases to impress and amaze, as he drops the Cuban across his knee, THREE TIMES, before tossing him aside. Frey continues to manhandle Cuban, grabbing an ankle and dragging him to the center of the mat, then dropping a big elbow onto his back. A torturous ab stretch forces Cuban to suffer and Frey forces him to plead and "give". But still down on the mat, Cuban flips Frey over and applies a front choke hold. Frey rolls over and reverse the hold on Cuban, adding a painful arm bar. Cuban rolls over, climbs on top of Frey and again applies his choke hold. When Cuban releases Frey, Frey attacks, pushing Cuban down, grabbing his ankles and proceeding to try to break Cuban's back. Where's the ref? Where are the ropes? No rules, no mercy for the cocky Cuban! Frey hauls Cuban over his bent knee into a reverse backbreaker, but Cuban manages to flip Frey over his shoulder onto his back on the mat, and reapplies the choke hold. Not a big skill set on this guy, but power moves that are effective nonetheless. With Frey's elbows trapped, he still manages to lift his legs up and capture Cuban's head between his thighs. The two roll around, each with the other's legs in painful distress, each threatening to break the other's ankles unless they submit. Cuban thrashes and rolls around, but Frey is tenacious and will not relent in punishing those vulnerable ankles. Frey straddles his opponent, headed for the camel clutch, but Cuban escapes. The two men lock up again, upon which Frey goes for Cuban's ankle, and in a stunning display, gets him into a vicious crotch split. Cuban taps but Frey is relentless...he forces Cuban to beg and scream "I give!" over and over, before finally releasing him. As Cuban moans and groans, Frey flexes triumphantly. The impressive champion abandons the injured rookie on the mat, writhing in agony.