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body builder in a head scissor

Frey vs Dom9 - Mat Wars 118

$ 34.75

Frey stands on the mat waiting for his next opponent, "Seriously? Another..." Before he can finish his sentence, a mountain of muscle barrels in, smothers Frey's mouth with his meat hook hand, and brings the vet down to his knees. Dom9, one of Thunder's newest rookies, has had enough trash talk, "I don't wanna hear it!" The behemoth uncovers his mouth to lock in a tight full nelson. Frey didn't learn his lesson the first time and tries again, "You're just another..." Dom9 covers his mouth again and again as Frey struggles to breathe then releases his grip. They tie up. The muscle beast wraps his bulging biceps around the vet in a RIB-CRUSHING rear bearhug then slams him face first to the mat! Frey is dazed and screams in pain as he's trapped in a massive body scissors. "Talk crap now!" Dom9 releases his hold showing mercy, but it's all a ruse as he takes Frey down in a vicious scissors/sleeper combo. "I haven't heard anything lately!" The vet gasps for air, "You ain't nothing!" Not getting the submission he desires, Dom9 challenges Frey to a mercy challenge. The titans lock up; their muscles bulge under the immense pressure as both gladiators fall to their knees. Frey is struggling and HEADBUTTS the behemoth's abs breaking his grip! The vet goes for the attack but is lifted onto Dom9's boulder shoulder then hung upside down like a child over his chiseled back. Frey bearhugs the giant from behind to break away and taunts the beast, "You're getting lucky!" Dom9 smothers his mouth again taking his prey down to inflict more pain! Crushing head and body scissors have Frey howling in pain as he struggles to escape those tree trunk quads! "Had enough?" "Screw you!" Wrong answer! Dom9 flexes his quads TIGHTER. Frey struggles to stay conscious as the oxygen rushes from his head, and he is forced to tap out!

The powerhouse flexes his mountainous frame over his fallen victim, "Talk some more!" Frey is completely gassed and struggles to his feet. The muscle beast stalks his prey and is ready to inflict more damage: bearhugs, head and body scissors, full nelsons. Dom9, the unstoppable force is gaining momentum, but Frey the Beautiful has one thing the muscle beast doesn't have: experience!
"You rookies, and your limited moves!" mocks the vet. The action continues: a fireman's carry, torturous ab stretch, devastating chokelift, and a crippling figure four leg lock! Will Dom9 finally shut the vet up for good, or will Frey get the last word in over the fallen rookie? You gotta see it to find out!