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Frey vs Dozer - Mat Rats 53 Limited Edition

$ 25.95

Mini match (15 min)

Dozer and Frey lay on the mat playing with Thunder the dog. "Remember that time I beat you in the bearhug challenge?" asks Frey. "I think I beat you!" says Dozer. "No, I definitely won." Both wrestlers may have different memories of the past, but this match is gonna have ONLY ONE winner!
They tie up. Dozer lifts Frey in MASSIVE rear bearhug, "This ones for Thunder." "Put me down!" Frey struggles to breath and falls to the mat. "Screw bearhugs. Let's do some real wrestling!" Frey says as he picks up the 235 pound Dozer across his chest then into an over the knee BACK BREAKER. "You wanna give up?" Dozer refuses and is dropped to the mat. Frey applies a MASSIVE bow and arrow; even Thunder the dog joins in on the action!
Both lock up again. Dozer lifts Frey in a FIREMAN's CARRY and DROPS DOWN to one knee HURTING Frey's back! The muscle giant wants to add more pain and digs his knee in Frey's back YANKING on his neck and leg. Frey moans in pain!
Frey the Beautiful wants REVENGE and picks up Dozer on one shoulder BOUNCING him up and down. "I got something better. I hope you're ready!" says Frey. He locks the giant in a MASSIVE ab stretch. "Is that all you got?" asks Dozer. WRONG QUESTION! Frey picks up Dozer in a TORTURE RACK and drops him.
"Tie up with me chump!" yells Frey. The musclemen lock up. Frey picks up the 235 pounder in another TORTURE RACK dropping to one knee. "Payback!" says Frey. He puts Dozer in a CRIPPLING Boston crab, but he refuses to give up. Frey starts CHOKING the muscle beast with two hands. Dozer gut punches him and HURLS Frey in an over the shoulder takedown! The beast sits on Frey's chest with his tree trunk quads CRUSHING his skull. "Get your fat ass off my chest! MY SKULL!" screams Frey. 
"Just warming up!" says Dozer. Both decide to have a GUT PUNCH contest. "Hit me!" commands Frey. Dozer takes him down with two gut punches! Frey the Beautiful recovers and gets Dozer in a TIGHT headlock taking him to the mat. The muscle giant escapes and sits on Frey's chest pinning him to the mat. "Getting a little lite headed?" asks Dozer. Frey GUT PUNCHES Dozer's abs taking him down. He locks in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors rolling Dozer around the mat and applies a MASSIVE sleeper. 
Frey releases the hold. "Get up; I want this to be a fair fight! Come at me!" Dozer misses one punch but elbows Frey from behind knocking him down. Frey recovers. The match ends in TOTAL DOMINATION! The winner CHOKES the loser with two hands and asks, "You still with me?" Next, they are CLUBBED to the mat with a massive forearm! The winner sits on the loser's chest and CRUSHES his skull with his muscular quads. "I give. I give!" SCREAMS the loser. Will it be the muscle giant Dozer or Frey the Beautiful? You gotta see it to believe it!