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Frey vs Eagle - Bodybuilder Battle 85

$ 31.25

Frey is getting set up against yet another newbie, he’s ready to tear him down quick. Newbie Eagle is here, he’s a young model and lifetime athlete, he’s eager and excited to get started and show off his muscles and beat Frey down. Frey is a seasoned veteran and the reigning model wrestler, so he’s not too stoked on another model coming into the arena trying to take over. These guys enter into a flex off, giving there best poses and model faces for everyone to decide who’s the better one. Frey takes advantage while Eagle is showing off flexing to come in and flip him on his ass on the mat. Eagle’s not too shocked and is back on his feet attacking Frey right away. He picks Frey up and drops him hard to the mat a few times before trying to pin him down. Frey’s not going to give up that easily though, match is just getting started! Frey tries to pin Eagle a few times to show him that it’s not so easy to pin someone right off the bat. To drill the lesson into his head Frey picks Eagle up and drops him down across his knee into a backbreaker. Frey’s ready to start bringing in some pain. They enter into a strength contest to see who’s got the stronger grip, but Eagle quickly lets go. He says he thinks it’s obvious he was winning so he’s just going to flex in victory. Frey’s pissed, he thinks he was winning, so they enter into the contest again, and this time, Eagle takes Frey down to his back! He starts to flex in victory again when Frey kicks him clear across the mat, he gets up and Frey says time for round 2, but it was just a trick to get Eagle where he wanted him. He kicks Eagle and flips him around and wraps his arms across his back. He’s carrying Eagle around like a cross and stretching him hard, Eagle’s yelling in agony to be let down. That’s what Frey likes to hear, the new guys screaming in pain. Once he drops Eagle down, he picks him back up into a crushing bearhug, tightening his grip as much as he can, squeezing harder with every scream from Eagle. Eagle isn’t a big fan of being made to look like a wimp, after he’s out of that hold, he starts attacking Frey, knocking him down and getting on top of him to start twisting his legs and making Frey struggle. Will Eagle’s retaliation be enough to knock down Frey? Or is Frey just biding his time to really show Eagle how it’s done at Thunder’s?