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Frey vs Fang - Custom Video Series 58

Frey vs Fang - Custom Video Series 58

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

“You weren’t flexible when you came in here, but you will be when you leave…”

Fang is looking to brush up on his wrestling moves and he’s heard that Frey is the guy to ask!  Fang stretches out in his street clothes, waiting for Frey to arrive.  When he does, he demands that Fang strip down to his trunks, showing off his dominance from the word go!  First lesson – the Bearhug.  Frey takes it slow, demonstrating the hold and the best way to apply it.  But Fang gives it a go and goes for the full-on squeeze on Frey!  Second lesson – the Full Nelson.  Again, Frey shows the rookie the best way to apply the hold, but Fang forgets himself and slaps on a rear bearhug!  Frey is trying to coach him to move his arms higher, but Fang seems lost in the moment, squeezing the heck out of his teacher!  When he eventually gets it, Fang pours the pressure on HARD!  The training continues with the Side Headlock – this time Fang doesn’t even bother, he just goes straight for a rear choke on Frey!  The superstar is furious, but he gives Fang one more chance.  “You f*** up this time, this training session’s gonna be over!”  Fang starts to apply the hold, then cranks it on causing Frey to yelp in pain!  That’s it – Frey snaps, clubbing Fang to the mat!

Enraged, Frey straddles Fang, pulling him up into a wrenching Camel Clutch!  Frey runs through the lessons again, this time slapping each hold on Fang, cranking them up to eleven!  Fang suffers in Frey’s crushing bearhug and neck-breaking Full Nelson!  A Side Headlock has Fang grabbing at Frey’s arm, anything to try and release the pressure!  Frey, determined to punish his erstwhile pupil, decides to run through some of his more advanced holds, starting with a crippling Over-the-Knee Backbreaker on the rookie!  Frey’s Figure-Four has Fang flopping like a fish!  Frey isn’t interested in getting a submission – he just wants to teach the rookie a lesson in respect!  Frey is manhandling Fang, stretching every which way he can!  Snap suplexes, scissors, body slams – Frey unleashes!  Fang fights back with shots to the gut, but that just infuriates Frey even more!  Fang is in real trouble now, as Frey hoists him up over his shoulders before dumping him back down – only to haul Fang up again into a devastating Torture Rack!  Fang cries out in agony as his spine is warped!  Frey is a wrestling machine as he shows Fang what a superstar can do, his muscles bulging with the effort of destruction!

The holds keep coming – crab, scissors, stretches, suplexes, even a brutal hangman variation!  Can Fang muster an attack plan and come back against the mat veteran?  Or will Frey reign supreme?  Get this masterclass match today and see for yourself!