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head scissor mens muscle wresting thunders arena

Frey vs Hawk - No Holds Barred 111

$ 31.25

Frey is tired of getting new people, and he wants Mr.Mike and everyone to know. He circles Hawk like a vulture the trash talk is strong in this match, until Frey comes behind Hawk and scoops him up for a bearhug! He means business today, its not long before he has Hawk in a back breaker, he rests his elbow on Hawks chest looking bored before giving Hawk an ab claw! He follows it with a pec claw, than he elbow smashes Hawk to the ground. Frey thinks Hawk looks a little stiff, so he pulls Hawks arms behind his back and stretches him out,  he puts Hawk over his back and gives him a few good stomps before tossing him to the ground. This puts a fire in Hawk he hops up and bearhugs frey! Frey elbows his shoulder and gets out of the bearhug, Frey makes Hawk flex for him but he doesn't seem to pleased with it and hits his abs so hard he topples over! He picks Hawk up and pins his arms behind his back, than he turns it into a full nelson! Hawk tries so hard to muscle his way out of it, but Frey has him good and tosses Hawk over his knee and makes him flex for him. See if Frey can beat Hawk into submission or if he's underestimating the new guy