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Frey vs Iceman18 - Custom Video Series 124

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Attention: This match includes many No Holds Barred Moves that are VERY REAL

Frey is stretching out on the mat, his green wrestling singlet straps down around his waist. After a bit of warmup stretching a flexing, Iceman18 walks up in a red singlet of his own, hovering above him, and flexes behind him. He taunts Frey that he needs to be "bigger and wider." He makes him do some pushups to get a pump and see if that helps. Iceman18 begins to feel the muscles of Frey luring him into a side headlock before tossing him easily to the mat. Frey pulls up his singlet straps and prepares to wrestler the muscle-bound, blonde behemoth. Iceman18 attacks Frey using his massive thighs to body scissor him while making him feel his rock hard biceps. He drops Frey to the mat, spreading his legs wide open before using a dirty trick to inflict more punishment. Frey drops to his hands and knees before ANOTHER DIRTY MOVE is applied. The worn out Frey attacks back to no use. After being stripped out of his singlet down to tight white briefs, Frey has had enough of the low blow moves and decides to give it back. With a big low blow, lifting Iceman18 into the air, Frey takes over dominating Iceman18. He thens bends Iceman18 in half and strips him out of his singlet upside down, exposing an even smaller pair of white tights. Stretching Iceman18's groin to the max, Frey inflicts his return punishment by spreading his legs until Iceman18 yells in misery. Iceman18 doesn't know when to shut up and angers Frey into using a dirty move of his own and then continue stretching and beating him into submission. The match get SUPER PHYSICAL AND INTENSE when both men decide they have had enough. The curtain closes after one wrestler is ended with a VIOLENT TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER, and the other limps away victorious.