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Frey vs Iceman18 - Mat Rats 88

Frey vs Iceman18 - Mat Rats 88

$ 31.25

“Are you a fan? You’re a fan.” “Man, I’m the star of the show!”

So says Iceman18, Thunder’s Arena’s newest recruit!  Fresh from the Magic Mike touring show, Iceman18 is taking on Frey in his debut match!  Frey, decked out in a tight red singlet, can’t believe he’s matched up against another rookie and starts to mock Iceman18, showing off his bulging biceps.  As we very quickly discover though, Iceman18 is no slouch in the muscle department himself, flexing his impressive physique, utterly unfazed by Frey’s taunts.  Iceman18 obviously has no problem showing his body off!  But Frey is not someone to trifle with – he’s been at this game far too long to take for granted.  As Iceman18 is flexing, Frey suddenly strikes, slapping on a Full Nelson with a speed and accuracy that comes from a LOT of matches!  Iceman18 grimaces in pain as Frey applies the pressure – suddenly Frey releases and immediately switches to a rear bearhug, crushing the rookie and taking him to the mat!  Iceman18 finds himself trapped in Frey’s shoulder lock with the Beautiful One pounding his fist into the rookie’s abs – definitely not a place Iceman18 wants to find himself!  Frey drags the blond muscleboy up by his hair before lifting him up only to throw him back down!

The two men lock up (for real this time), with Iceman18 getting behind Frey and repaying him with a Full Nelson of his own.  Iceman18 gets cocky, flexing his bicep as he catches Frey in a front facelock!  Iceman18 give the fans a show, posing for the camera with the kind of sexy confidence that only comes with complete self-assuredness.  Frey again takes advantage of the rookie’s distraction, taking out his leg and sending Iceman18 tumbling to the mat!  Frey is quick to clamp on a choke, flexing his solid bicep into Iceman18’s throat, forcing the young musclestud to struggle for breath!  Frey follows up with a crushing bodyscissors, his POWERFUL quads wreaking havoc on the new recruit.  Then the rookie gets his first taste of Frey’s BOSTON CRAB!!  Iceman18 is learning just what it takes to become a superstar at Thunder’s Arena!  Another lock up and Frey goes for a single-leg, but Iceman18 draws him in for a sleeper!  Frey pulls Iceman18 forward and over to the mat, immobilising him with a cradle pin.  That’s it – Iceman18 has had enough!  He fires shots into Frey’s midsection, causing the veteran to double over – Iceman18 capitalises with a chinlock, pulling Frey’s upperbody off the mat!  The rookie follows up with an over-the-knee backbreaker, pepering Frey’s abs with blows for good measure!  Where did this come from?!  Frey crawls away in pain, clutchin his back as Iceman18 flexes in his dominance.  A swift kick to the midsection has Frey in serious trouble – Iceman18 lets loose with a flurry of knees to Frey’s kidneys!

Figure-four leglock, spladle, stomps, brutal leg bar, bearhugs, slams and much more – even a FLYING BODY SPLASH!  This is an awesomely even match that will keep you guessing right up to the end.  Will Frey add yet another rookie to his growing list of beaten foes?  Or will Iceman18 achieve the unthinkable and pull off the upset of the century in his debut match?  One thing’s for sure – in Iceman18, Mr Mike has found a superstar in the making!