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Marco hits Clark with a wrench while Iceman18 is holding him back on Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Christmas Chaos 2017 Part 1 - Frey vs Iceman18 vs Clark vs Marco

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Fan winning match idea!

My recommendation would be a true 3-way between Marco, Frey, and Iceman18 -- no planned double-teaming, just everyman stud for himself.  Add Clark too maybe. Iceman has definitely been on a roll, but don't know if he can top Marco! 
Combine with Clark wants his ass kicked for Christmas idea...
I would suggest a couple of guys have a contest as to who has the most effective gut punches and have Clark volunteer to be on the receiving end. Clarks hands should be tied over his head to expose his chiseled abs while the contest proceeds. And in keeping with the Xmas spirit, the gut punching could be tied to the "12 Days of Xmas", eg., regarding how many punches are delivered. And during the contest, Clark eggs them on as to how strong his abs are before his abs totally give out.
Clark really did give several times in this match for real.  The gut punching was that intense.  Plus Clark did not want to play nice with others.  When Clark really did get tired up, he fought and fought it from happening to the point that Frey and Marco got pissed and cranked on him some very painful submission arm bar holds while they were trying to tie him up.  Clark just want not going to go peacefully into the night.  You can see the look on Clark's face he is LOVING being attacked and bearhugged by 3 other guys as they try and make him submit and get tied up.  He really has a "screw you, not getting me" side to him that never surrenders and never submits, even if the actiion is planned.  You will want to see this one, it's really good and the guys really do get very frustrated with him and start beating him down but Clark LOVES every minute of it.