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Frey Jake Jenkins big pecs huge arms biceps chest

Frey vs Jake Jenkins - Mat Wars 71

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

He’s back!  After years away, the day that fans have been clamouring for is finally here – Jake Jenkins debuts at Thunder’s Arena!  And what a debut!

Sporting some new ink on his still impressive pecs (as the man himself puts it, he’s “bigger than ever!”), and wearing very brief yellow trunks, Jake is going through some drills on the mats outside.  Who should appear, but Frey the Beautiful!  These two have a history – they’ve been tag partners, opponents and friends – but that is all in the past as Frey is quick to remind the returning wrestler.  When Jake offers his hand to his old friend, Frey rudely rebuffs him – Jake challenges Frey to throw down and the match is on!  These guys know how to push each other’s buttons, flexing and posing at each other, their old rivalry reigniting with every flex! “Can’t wait to destroy you” says Frey and you know this is going to be one for the history books!

It quickly becomes apparent that this is going to be a match of technique vs power – Jake’s extensive amateur background vs Frey’s awesome power and pure muscle!  Jake scores the first takedown, grappling Frey to the mat, tying up his arm and flipping him over for a pin attempt, but Frey bridges out!  Frey goes low and scoops Jake up over his shoulders – this is not the Frey that Jake remembers!  This Frey is bigger, more powerful and more vicious!  He savagely slams Jake to the mat, giving the returning hunk a taste of what to expect at Thunder’s Arena!  Frey is determined to let Jake know who’s boss!  A cheap shot and Frey lifts Jake up in a gorilla press, SMASHING his ribs against a CONCRETE PILLAR before slamming him back down!  Jake fights back, lifting Frey (no mean feat!) and dropping him hard in an OTK backbreaker!  Frey is pissed!  He comes at Jake like a hurricane, lifting him up by his throat and crushing him against the pillar, before punishing Jake’s lower back in a GRINDING bearhug!  Jake is hurting, but not out as he fights back!

Man, these two are going at each other with everything they have!  Ankle locks, ab stretches, head scissors, arm bars – an entire of arsenal of holds!  An elevated Boston Crab has one wrestler screaming before he’s dragged up by his hair!  Jake catches Frey in a textbook arm bar / body scissor combo, wrenching Frey’s shoulder hard!  Frey escapes and rams Jake’s face into the furniture!  BRUTAL!!  An overture of friendship is met with vicious hair-pulling and a tight figure-four head scissor!  Kicks, punches – this is all out war!  A POWER BOMB into the pool and a SUPERMAN PUNCH off the poolside!  This is a CLASSIC match, one you definitely don’t want to miss – this feud is far from over!  Watch out for the shocking SLEEPER finish!  Buy this match today and welcome Jake Jenkins to Thunder’s Arena!