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Jersey head scissors Frey leg lock abs pecs

Frey vs Jersey - Mat Wars 51

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

The match starts as a power show, Frey isn't in a good mood today, he's mad at mr.mike he's mad at getting new guys and he wants a raise he's tired of being thrown around by all the new guys mr.mike sends his way. It doesn't help that Jersey is new and wants to take all of Freys fans, Frey knows his fans are loyal and provides them with a big bear hug behind Jersey, Jersey is trying so hard to wiggle his way out of Freys strong grip, but Frey has his big cocky grin on his face as usual , Jersey isn't going anywhere until Frey wants him to, he throws Jersey on the ground with a huge thud. "You're dead." Looks like Jersey finally snapped into reality lifting up Frey into a bear hug!  Once he finally tosses Frey to the ground, Frey congratulates him on how good his bearhug is but its a ruse, he turns the handshake into another bear hug, leaning him back and stretching out his back making him moan in agony, Jersey seems like he can't take the force of the bearhug anymore and forearm smashes his chest until he lets go, after he drops down he hops up quickly and kicks Frey over he tries to put Frey in a banana split but Frey is wiggling around to much and muscles his way through Jerseys attempt, but Jersey want to see Frey in a banana split today he gets him in a better position and gets Frey in a banana split, but not for long, Frey isn't an easy target today