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Frey vs Jersey - Water Wars 04

$ 25.95

A continuation from Frey and Jersey’s previous match, Mat Wars 51, this match starts with Jersey storming through the house, looking for Frey. When he finds him standing in the living room, Jersey asks why Frey ran from the previous match and Frey explains that he needed food because he was “low carb”, but offers to make it up to him by “kicking his ass on the water.”  Jersey laughs at the notion, accepts the challenge and the two walk out to the pool deck.  Frey launches Jersey off of the poolside and onto the mat floating in the pool before jumping out and joining his adversary.  Frey appears to have the upper hand as he man-handles Jersey, but Jersey has a different thing in mind and quickly gains control.  Jersey reverses on Frey and getting him into a modified surfboard before pushing his face into the water, trying to force a surrender under threat of drowning.  Frey flails and attempts to free himself, Jersey relents and pushes him off the edge of the mat and into the deep end of the pool. The underwater camera catches the moment Jersey jumps in after Frey and their submerged test of strength and bear hugs.  Frey launches Jersey out of the water with a gorilla press, but Jersey is unshaken and once he has his footing again, lifts Frey from the water with a choke lift.  Once Frey is back on solid ground... or at least back down in the water... he launches Jersey again with a gorilla press and the two splash around.  The use of two cameras really captures every angle and all the danger and excitement of a match of this nature.  Grappling and body scissors ensures that the two athletes keep each other submerged until their lungs feel like bursting, in the hopes of forcing a surrender, but neither relents.  Frey grabs Jersey in what would be considered a rack on dry land and using the buoyancy of the water to his advantage pulls Jersey down, driving his shoulders into Jersey’s ribs.  Frey lets Jersey above the surface, just long enough to catch his breath and then pulls him under again in a rib-crushing, lung-emptying bearhug.  Jersey swims behind Frey and traps him in a full nelson, using his arms to force Frey’s head beneath the surface several times before Frey is able to slip away.  Frey forces Jersey back, into the shallow end of the pool with a series of kicks to the chest, then sends him crashing to the bottom with a slam.  The two trade sending each other to the bottom with various slams and alternating nelsons, and arm locks. Lifting Frey out of the water with a massive bearhug, Jersey slams him again before gorilla pressing him and bringing Frey down onto his knee below the surface for a back breaker.  Maintaining his momentum and advantage, Jersey pulls Frey to the edge of the pool and lifts himself out, squeezing Frey in a head scissors.  Frey struggles, but Jersey grabs the nearby pool noodle and wraps it around Frey’s throat, choking him. Frey struggles free and flips his adversary into the pool before grabbing a fist full of hair and leading Jersey out of the pool and around its perimeter while Jersey’s yells that he’s “fighting like a girl”.   Jersey’s had enough and choke slams Frey back into the deep end for the back side version of a belly flop.  Frey, still holding his stinging back, lunges for Jersey, but can only reach the pool noodle nearby, so he swings it at Jersey, driving him away from his position of advantage and back onto the floating mat.  Frey quickly joins Jersey on the mat and the two grapple on their knees trying to gain the upper hand.  Jersey gets control and pushes Frey to his stomach, forcing his head under water before rolling him back into the deep end and body scissoring him.  The two wrestlers tangle in each other below the water, surfacing only long enough for air before dragging each other back to the plastered pool bottom.  Jersey racking Frey, brings them both back the surface, but it’s short-lived and they drag each other below again.  Jersey gets the advantage and swims toward the edge with Frey over his shoulder and climbs out with him in a fireman’s carry before dropping him down for a slippery over the knee back breaker before pushing him back into the water and jumping in after him.  The two climb back onto the floating ,at and Frey wastes no time in exacting his revenge on Jersey by choking him with the pool noodle, but Jersey drags him to the edge of the mat and forces his face under the water.  Getting their “sea legs” both wrestlers stand on the mat and grapple, tossing each other around before Frey spears Jersey and they both splash down in the deep end again.  Jersey, not to be outdone, jumps back onto the mat from the poolside, attacking Frey. A dramatic series of punches, chokes, and slams ensues and it appears that both wrestlers are exhausted from their aquatic battle.  Will Jersey get the satisfaction of resolving a match with Frey?  Will Frey prove that all he needed was some food?  Get the full match today and see.