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Frey Jet figure four leglock submission hold pain torture submit thunders arena

Frey vs Jet - Mat Rats 67

$ 31.25

Jet is our newest recruit who found us through Craigslist. He's a huge wrestling fan and is looking forward to challenging all of our wrestlers, and he wanted to start off with the best, Frey. Jet's got a very mean and sadistic attitude, shrouded in a cloud of mystery as he doesn't like to talk much about himself. For such a huge guy, he's very quick, and full of surprises.

Frey’s back and talking himself up, letting the new guy that he’s got the title of the king of the ring. Frey starts talking some smack to the new guy, trying to guess who he is and what he does. Jet just says that Frey doesn’t know him and shouldn’t be talking down to him like that. Frey wants him to talk more, but he says he has nothing to talk to him about, he only wants to show him some stuff, such as his huge muscles and dominating wrestling moves. Frey starts to flex and show off in his new wrestling singlet, and Jet takes his turn, showing off in front of the camera and flexing his biceps and quads, before showing his crazy abs. While he’s showing off all his abs Frey runs in behind him and wraps him up into a bearhug with one arm, while flexing off his bulging bicep with the other. He throws Jet down to the mat and then mounts him, digging his knee into Jets many abs. Jet throws him off and climbs on top, trying to pin Frey, but there’s no way Frey goes that easy, he laughs him off and starts to claw at Jets abs. The blood’s flowing and these guys are pumped, they start flexing and showing off to each other, seeing who’s got the biggest muscles. Jet shoves his bicep into Frey’s face and tells him to kiss it, before picking Frey up and crushing him in a bearhug of his own. Frey’s struggling and can’t break free of his grasp, when Jet tosses him down to the mat. Frey’s got the wind knocked out of him, he’s impressed by Jet’s strength, Frey wants to solve this once and for all, so they go down to the mat to figure it out in an arm wrestling competition. They both seem to be pretty evenly matched, but Jet’s over it, so he slides himself up in a cheap move to wrap Frey up in a head scissors. He’s crushing so hard against Frey’s head that he accidentally gives himself a cramp! This is just to Frey’s advantage though, and he gets to start tormenting Jet’s already cramping and hurting leg. Jet’s struggling against the pain and trying not to cry out and scream for how much it hurts as Frey digs his fist into Jets cramping leg. Frey really takes his time, tormenting and torturing Jet’s leg, wrapping it up into a figure four and pounding down on it. Jet’s leg is starting to get better, and he stands up to try and shake it out, but Frey kicks him back down and then puts him into an over the knee back breaker and starts to work Jet’s back. Jet rolls out of it, and his leg is finally back to normal. How’s Jet going to get his revenge against Frey for tormenting him in his time of pain?