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Kai surfboard stretch Frey pecs chest

Frey vs Kai - Mat Wars 54B (Mini Match)

$ 25.95

This match stars off with an intense Frey attacking and knocking out Jersey. He then walks over to the mat where Kai is knocked out from his match with Jersey. Frey is pissed off and has no mercy against Kai, immediately taking him into an intense surfboard, breaking his back. Kai is screaming for help from Jersey, but Frey already knocked him out good. Frey likes him scream, and takes him up into a fireman’s carry to keep working his back. Kai yells to put him down so he can attack Frey. Frey drops him hard on the mat, and doesn’t give him any time to retaliate before he puts him straight into a body scissors, and then stomps on his balls to get some more screams. Frey is having fun tormenting Kai and gets him up into a camel clutch. Frey is just relaxing on top of Kai making him scream and laughing at him. As Frey is helping to get some air back into Kai’s lungs, he decides he’s finally had enough and is ready to fight back. Kai gets Frey onto the mat and begins his revenge with an embarrassing wedgie. He knocks Frey around a bit before stomping back down on his balls. Frey does not like that and throws in some gut punches before trying to walk off the attack. Kai gets Frey on the ground with another nut shot, and then climbs up high and tackles Frey to the mat. Frey doesn’t like being man handled, and starts fighting back. He picks Kai up and swings him around a bit before tossing him down to the mat and throwing him over his hips in a killer choke hold. Kai manages to breath out that Frey’s a bitch, so Frey picks him up into a tighter choke hold. This is an intense all out action match with a pissed off Frey letting loose against Kai. A classic big vs little domination match, but the match to see how Frey gets Kai to finally concede in the end!