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Frey puts Kid Romeo into a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wresting

Frey vs Kid Romeo - Custom Video Series 72

$ 31.25

In honor of the Super Bowl we released from our vaults this wrestling match over watching football.  It was a custom video purchased by a great fan of Thunder's we hope you enjoy his description of this match.  

Frey vs Kid Romeo - KO Wrestling lesson 
- Frey is relaxing watching TV when KR enters asking about his promised wrestle lesson with Frey. Frey says he's too tired and to reschedule for another time whilst the football game is on. 
- KR becomes persistent, saying his Dad is paying for his wrestle lessons and he needs to get better. Frey starts to become annoyed at all the interruptions and takes it out on KR, first by just holding him in a headlock whilst still sitting on the sofa watching the game. KR continues to struggle, irritating Frey, so Frey moves him down to his headscissors whilst still sitting on the sofa. 
- KR's constant struggling causes Frey to miss a touchdown on the game. Even more annoyed, Frey decides the best way to deal with KR is just to KO him. He puts him in a Figure four head scissors until he's out. Thinking he's got time, Frey begins to watch the game again, only to have KR stir from the KO. Frey repeats the move on KR again and puts him out. 
- Again, KR stirs, so Frey locks on a reverse (face to butt) Figure four headscissor so he can still watch the game whilst squeezing KR out again. Frey releases the hold to check KR is out, and for a few seconds he is, but then comes to so Frey squeezes the reverse FF harder to complete another KO. 
- Thinking he's finally put KR out for good, Frey returns to the sofa to watch the last part of the game. KR again comes to, prompting an ever-infuriated Frey to try wrapping his arms around KR's head and squeezing him to another KO - which doesn't work. Running out of ideas, Frey adds more weight by pushing KR face down into the sofa and sitting on the back of his head. This still doesn't work. 
- KR is pleading with Frey just to stop now, but with a crucial few minutes left of play in the game, Frey performs a Dragon sleeper tightly to really put KR out (again still trying to watch the game). Frey's team score a last minute touchdown which wins them the game, to Frey's delight and ignoring KR's mumbled pleas to stop- still holding the dragon sleeper on KR, Frey doesn't realise KR now completely KO'ed! 
- Realising KR will need plenty of time to recover, Frey covers his tracks by getting KR's phone out of his pocket and schoolboy squeeze pinning him. Frey takes a photo of a subjugated KR from his position and posts it to KR's Dad with the comment 'KR's gonna need more work! More money please!' KR's Dad responds quickly agreeing with Frey and signing KR up to more lessons! Frey leaves delighted!