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Frey Marco bodyscissors arm hold submission hold submit

Frey vs Marco "Revenge Match" Rough & Ready 60

$ 31.25

It seems that Marco is preparing to compete in the National Amateur Wrestling Championships...in fact he's resting up for another training session when Frey discovers him sleeping on the sofa. Marco's in an eye-catching tie-dyed singlet and bodybuilder Frey, unshaven and impressively defined even in off season mass, is in his favorite blue posers. Frey challenges Marco's choice of workout gear, so he pulls down his singlet to reveal his rippling abs- and a bit of a comparison posedown ensues. With Marco distracted by his own vanity, Frey grabs him from behind in a powerful bearhug, which transitions quickly into a backbreaker, with Marco bent brutally backward over Frey's knee.After two ruthless slams to Marco's abs, Frey tosses him unceremoniously to the floor. Without missing a beat however, Frey clamps another bearhug on Marco from behind, which becomes a powerful, painful full-nelson as Marco vainly struggles and suffers. Suddenly Marco surprises his rival by grabbing his leg and uplling it out from under him, tumbling Frey to the floor. Mario seizes his advantage and climbs onto Frey's back, rolls him over and asserts his dominance on top of Frey's torso, then releases the humiliated foe. After a collar and elbow hook up in competitive style, Frey lifts Marco off his feet and drops him onto his back. Another brutal slam to the floor has Marco's back in pain, and a third ruthless slam has him nearly incapacitated.Frey flexes over the suffering Marco, but Marco gets his revenge with a sudden low blow which drops the cocky poser like a stone. Marco gets Frey's head between his ripped thighs in a vice-grip head scissors, and proudly does some sit-ups to show off his rippling abs as Frey struggles. The bodybuilder/wrestler maneuvers in an attempt to get free, but Marco captures him, bashing Frey's abs and torturing him in a crotch split, which has the muscular ginger howling in pain. Marco relents and Frey struggles to his feet, recovering with surprising swiftness which catches Mario off-guard. Frey gets Marco into another spine-shattering over-the-knee backbreaker, sadistically bashing Marco's abs with his elbow, then finally abruptly disposing of him onto the floor. Austin flexes his big gunz and shows off his posing, until Mario has had enough of his arrogance. Marco knocks Frey onto his back and show off his physique with some flexing and posing in response, finally humiliating Frey with a schoolboy pin, as he continues to flex in superiority. When Marco relents, he strips out of his singlet, down to some fluorescent yellow and zebra stripe posers... Frey gets Mario into a tight cradle, and positions him for the three-count pin, working on Marco's abs then lifting him up, flipping him onto his back twice, as Marco struggles. Finally Frey executes not one, not two, but THREE stunning powerbomb suplexes on Mario, which increasingly take the wind and the fire out of the muscular spitfire. Pounding Marco's spine and stunning him with drops onto his head, Frey has demonstrated his experience, skill and savvy. Another suplex has Mario begging for mercy, but Frey is relentless. A piledriver is the finishing move that leaves Marco incapacitated on the floor...his future as National Amateur champion now in serious jeopardy.