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Frey Marco submission hold submit torture pain

Frey vs Marco - Rough & Ready 58

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Frey started it. Marco was napping after a hard workout, and Frey thought it would be funny to wrap the new guy up in cling wrap, bed and all. The boys at Thunders Arena pull pranks like this all the time, but when Marco awakes to find himself unable to budge, he is not amused. Even though Frey helps free him from the plastic cocoon, or tries to, Marco is bent on payback. Marco pounces on Frey on the sofa, clutching at his throat, giving the prankster a taste of what it feels like to be suddenly immobilized. Marco flips Frey over on his stomach and twists his arm behind his back and then bends him back in a camel clutch. Still having fun, wise guy? A choke hold pushes Frey too far, and he testily pushes Marco off the sofa and to the mat. He clamps a front face lock on him, but he fails to hold on to it. Frey tries to make peace as Marco regains the upper hand. Marco tells him to get up and wrestle. Always ready to play rough, Frey rises to his feet, and the two lock up, Frey gaining the upper hand with a wrenching chicken wing, driving Marco to the mat., tearing at the kids shoulder tendons. But he underestimates the recruits strength, suddenly finding himself flipped over on his back with Marcos face right up to his, calmly letting the big guy know that he has just been pinned. Ego wont let Frey accept the upset and leave well enough alone. He smashes his forearm to Marcos crotch and adds insult on top of the low blow by stripping the kid of his baggy shorts, revealing a tight and tiny jungle-print swimsuit underneath. Now Marco gets all over Frey and schoolboy-pins him to the mat, legs straddling the waist, chest pressing down on chest, though Frey insists that his shoulders are off the mat. No doubt about it, Marco is wearing the big muscle dude down. He stands and tugs at Freys foot, teasing him to get back up and fight. Frey lies on his back, coyly calling him in, Come on, beautiful. But Marco suspects a trap and wont bite the bait. He grabs Freys hands and pulls them up through bent legs and, in an amazing show of raw power, lifts Frey clean off the mat, dangling him upside down, forcing a pained submission. You're a dead man, Frey vows as he makes a wobbly attempt to get back on his feet, not a joint in his body that isnt throbbing. Marco asks if hes all right. When Frey says hes fine, thats all Marco needs to hear to swoop down on him again. But he gets caught in Freys massive arms, and Frey rises, pulling the kid up in a reverse bear hug that quickly morphs into a full nelson. We get a good close view of Marcos washboard abs before Frey twists him away from the camera and, in profile, leans back, adding dangerous pressure to the back of the neck, before shifting to an abdominal stretch. A backward elbow thrust breaks Freys grip but fast! And Marco nimbly tosses Frey to the mat. Another incredible show of strength and strategy from the young newcomer! When Marco sets out for payback, he doesnt stop. He tangles Frey in a figure-four leg-lock, forcing the big guy to scream his submission before letting him loose. The final third of this contest has to be seen to be believed. Frey comes after Marco full force, determined to bust his ass ... literally! A vicious garroting raises the heat level to DANGER. Just when it looks like the victory is sewed up, a sudden reversal blasts all expectations to pieces in a spin-cycle knockout finish that is guaranteed to leave you reeling!