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Frey vs Matthew James - Bodybuilder Battle 75

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Arrogant Frey tells bodybuilder Matthew James that he has no business getting on the mat with an experienced wrestler like Frey, since Matthew has no wrestling experience. Matthew says he doesnt need any skills because he has so much muscle mass. Wearing a tight wrestling singlet, the bodybuilder brags about his 28 thighs. Frey tells Matthew hes not impressed with his muscle mass and is going to throw him out of Thunders like a bag of trash. To show off his power, Matthew locks Freys head between his huge quads. Showing hes got some impressive power of his own, Frey lifts the big man with his head still trapped between Matthews massive thighs. When he gets the big bodybuilder on the wrestling mat, Frey puts him into a side head lock, flexes his arm in Matthews face and tells him thats a real bicep there. Matthew uses his power to spin Frey to the mat and sits on Freys stomach. Laughing, he grabs Frey by the throat and tells him he is a pathetic loser and a little weakling. When Frey tries to fight back, the big man just slaps his hands away and laughs, telling Frey, Dont even try. Frey arches his back, rolls out and manages to get the big bodybuilders shoulders to the mat for a pin. But Frey says hes not satisfied with a pin. He wants to destroy the big bodybuilder. So he tries to convert the pin to a camel clutch. But Mathew escapes, puts Frey into a crushing bear hug and drops him to the mat for a school boy pin. Laughing, the big bodybuilder says Thought you had me, huh? When Mathew pulls Frey to his feet, Frey takes the big man down with a basic wrestling move. Frey tells the big man hes a rookie who needs to leave and turns his back on the big man. Matthew takes advantage of the cocky wrestlers foolishness and locks him into a belly to back bear hug, which he converts into an over the shoulder carry. With Frey gasping for breath, Matthew slams him to the mat. Then the big man does it two more times. Matthew humiliates Frey by pulling off his shorts, leaving him in his underwear. Despite the beating, Frey is determined to prove that his wrestling skills are more than a match for all the muscle on Mathew James 240 lb body. He puts Matthew in a bear hug, throws him to the mat, puts his foot on the bodybuilders throat and calls him pathetic. Then he puts the muscleman in a camel clutch and applies a sleeper. Not satisfied, cocky Frey applies a Boston crab. But when he picks the big man up and tries to apply a full nelson, he cant get his arms around all that muscle. Matthew puts Frey into an over the knee backbreaker, while choking him at the same time. Matthew enjoys his domination of the big mouthed wrestler, telling him he loves watching him squirm, calling him small and pathetic. The big bodybuilder follows up with an ab stretch. Freys amazing skills save him and he puts the big man across his back and spins him. With Matthew James too dizzy to stand, Frey gets some revenge by pulling off the bodybuilders singlet, leaving Mathews thickly muscled body bulging out of a pair of bright blue briefs. Using the singlet to tie Matthews arms begins his back, Frey tells him he is pathetic and that the giant looks pretty gentle now. But the big bodybuilder has had enough of Freys trash talk and throws him against the wall in a two handed choke lift. So weak, so small Matthew says with a grin. He finishes Frey off with a long body scissors, smiling and flexing as he watches the wrestler groan in pain. With Frey already broken and beaten, the bodybuilder shows off his power with a gorilla press slam. Big Matthew James gives us one more look at his incredible body as he flexes with his foot on Freys chest, the sandy haired body builder grinning in victory.