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Frey Mike Buff camel clutch submission submit pool

Frey vs Mike Buff - Lost Bodybuilder Battle 80

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

We find our wrestlers out on the pool deck and Frey wastes no time in ridiculing Mike Buff's neon tie dye trunks and "small" biceps. The two tie up and Frey slips out and around Mike, wrapping his massive arms around Buff's thick midsection and bear hugging him, lifting his feet off the ground. Frey says, "Gotta take the trash out" as he holds Mike Buff off the ground, before dropping him to the mat and head locking him. But Buff rolls out and placing a back-breaking camel clutch on Frey, then moves into a sleeper. Frey pushes himself up to his feet and lifts Buff onto his back before swinging him around his own torso and throwing him to the mat where he unleashes a series of gut punches. Buff counters and again, traps Frey in a sleeper, dragging him to the center of the mat and forcing his face into the camera. "Talk to the camera now", Buff hisses into Frey's ear. Mike relents and allows Frey to get to his feet again, and Frey wastes no time and tricks Buff into turning his back. Frey attacks but Buff recovers and throws Frey up into a fireman's carry and then a gorilla press while spinning in a circle! Buff drops Frey to the mat and goes for another sleeper, pulling Frey up to his feet and switching to a full nelson. The two struggle and take it to the mat again, where each struggles to gain control and dominance. Frey manages a camel clutch and when Mike keeps running his mouth, Frey decides to shut him up by stuffing a towel in his mouth and switches to a Boston crab. Buff gains control and does a camel clutch of his own before moving to a full nelson, body scissors and then racks Frey. "You're going in" says Buff as he walks towards the edge of the pool with Frey on his shoulders, but he decides against a wet finish and dumps Frey onto the mat. As Buff stands over Frey, Frey does a cheap shot and Mike crumples to the floor in agony. The two beefy combatants struggle, each gaining the upper hand and doing their own special brand of torture and humiliation to the other. Buff uses and arm bar; Frey uses an over-the-knee back-breaker, each trying to get the submission. Buff gains control and slams Frey into the column, followed up with a headlock, body scissors and his favorite, the sleeper. Frey counters and traps Buff's head between his powerful thighs, but Buff plays dirty too and cheap shots Frey. Buff attempts a piledriver, but when it doesn't quite go to plan, settles for a full nelson where he parades his opponent around on his tip toes. Frey breaks free and grabs Buff in a bear hug again, squeezing the air out of him. While Mike is gasping for air, Frey grabs the towel again and this time wraps it around Buff's throat, choking him. Frey pulls Buff to his feet and pushes him against the column, pulling both arms back in a surfboard like maneuver. Frey then switches things up and lets go of one arm, only to grab a leg. Buff groans in agony as Frey tortures his back, pulling his joints nearly to the point of dislocation. Once satisfied that he's punished Mike enough, Frey applies Buff's favorite move, the sleeper. Will Mike Buff be able to escape his own favorite move? Or will Frey use it to finish his rival?