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Frey vs Mr Sean and Big Sexy vs Mr Sean - Battlespace 47

Frey vs Mr Sean and Big Sexy vs Mr Sean - Battlespace 47

$ 25.95

We had a fan actually write in a comment better than our description of this match. So here is his comment/description, "This is a fantastic video with two big tough wrestlers putting the lean, tough, smaller boxer Mr. Sean through a world of pain. Sean showed us in his video with big powerhouse Dominic and smoking hot TAK that he's got a powerful punch and some rock solid abs. He's a tough fighter and hot as hell, no doubt. But in this video he really gets worked over by two big mat studs - Frey and the always awesome Big Sexy - and it is really hot to watch what they do to the little guy. It starts out with some great gut punching between big, muscular Frey and Mr. Sean. Along with his solid punches, Sean dishes out some trash talk with his deep, sexy voice. Mr. Sean shows real boxing skill with two and three punch combos that just gotta hurt. But big Frey shows no weakness and just taunts the smaller guy after each punch. When its Frey's turn to deliver a few gut punches, Sean's rock solid abs take the shots even with all the power of Freys' huge guns behind them. Amazing. During one of several flexes, Frey calls his big arms "cannons" and you really can't argue with that. Although Mr. Sean holds his own during the gut punching, Frey really punishes the smaller stud when the competition turns to wrestling. Frey's big powerful body, which is smoking hot in tight, sky blue trunks, allows him to dominate Sean pretty handily on the mat. One of the best parts of the video comes when Frey takes some revenge on the boxer's abs, showing that a wrestler can deliver gut punishment as well as a boxer. After he has beaten Sean down and has him on his back, big Frey piles it on by slamming his elbow, leg, knee and foot into Sean's gut. Really hot to watch the cocky smaller boxer get punished by big wrestling bully Frey. But the video gets even hotter when Big Sexy shows up. As always, he's lean, sexy, muscled up and looking to take charge of the mat. Not too happy that Frey is working over Mr.Sean on Big Sexy's mat without permission, he quickly shows Frey who is the Alpha dog, leaving big, strong Frey sprawled on the floor when he's done with him. Having beaten up the big guy without breaking a sweat, Big Sexy decides to have some fun with smaller Sean. First, he lets Mr. Sean deliver some gut punches, which Big Sexy barely feels. Trash talk is Big Sexy's only reaction after each punch. Very hot. Then the punishment and total domination begin, as Big Sexy uses his incredible mat skills and amazing power on Mr. Sean. Big Sexy is so strong and so skilled, he just casually delivers one brutal hold after another, making Sean scream in pain over and over. This is why fans adore Big Sexy. He's so dominant on the mat - and sexy as hell. Finally, the tough little boxer submits after Big Sexy puts him in a single shoulder back breaker. To finish the video, Big Sexy gives his fans one last treat. He drags Frey, who is still out cold, to the mat and piles his big body on top of Mr.Sean. Then he sits on the pile of his beaten opponents to leave no doubt who is king of the mat. Three awesome wrestlers. One awesome video."