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Frey vs No Name - Mat Rats 55

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Frey, is upset that there is another new guy, who says, he’s there to “whoop that ass”. Frey promises to destroy him and make sure Mr. Mike never puts a new guy with him again. Frey immediately comes out with an over the knee back breaker and then compares biceps before putting a knee in the un-named newcomer’s back and pulling his arms. Frey moves him into a rack and asks if he’s ready to go home yet before throwing him down onto the couch. Frey continues his assault with a figure four and then delivers several crushing knee blows to the already injured ankle before pulling his legs up in a Boston Crab. Frey is relentless and goes for a sleeper hold, pulling the new kid to his feet as he turns blue. Frey squeezes him in a rib-crushing bearhug before dropping him back to the mat and performing an ab stretch to further punish his core. Frey doesn’t ease up and just keeps attacking the newbie with a headlock, arm lock, body scissors and arm bar in quick succession. The unnamed wrestle breaks free and unleashes a barrage of gut punches on his tormentor before being lifted off the mat in a fireman’s carry and then squashed against the fireplace mantle before crumpling back to the mat. Frey doesn’t give the newcomer much time to catch his breath before punishing him further with a camel clutch and then moving into a Mexican table. But Frey isn’t happy with the brevity of the move since his challenger wiggled around too much, so he puts the new guy in the move again and really goes for the deep stretch, pulling on his victim's chin to dial up the pain. Frey dumps the challenger and stands up, pulling him to his feet but is taken off guard when the new guy reverses and puts Frey in a full nelson, lifting him off his feet several times. Frey breaks free, returns the favor and gets him in an upside down bearhug, before rolling him over his shoulder for a fireman’s and failed crucifix. But Frey recovers and succeeds at his second attempt at a crucifix, stretching the poor kid across his broad back. Back on the mat, Frey pulls the un-named wrestler's ankle and wrist while his foot is planted firmly in the small of his back, a bow and arrow, is followed by an over-the-knee back breaker as Frey continues his assault. Surfboards, full nelsons, ab stretches... Frey ramps up his attacks. Will the un-named addition to our roster rally or will he succumb to Frey’s attack? Get your download or DVD today to find out.