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Frey PeeWee arms biceps thighs wrist cutch

Frey vs PeeWee Vegas - No Holds Barred 64

$ 34.75

PeeWee is back and itching to take on Frey in the Vegas sun!  PeeWee flexes hard for the camera, his impressive physique tapering down to a set of massive, tree-trunk legs bursting out from his tight green Calvins!  Frey, on the other hand, is shooting a round of mini-golf – badly.  When he misses his shot again, he decides to showcase his beautiful body, his massive biceps bulging in the sun!  Golf is clearly not Frey’s game, but when you have a body like that, who cares?!  PeeWee joins Frey on the green and the two gods flex off!  The posedown becomes a test of strength and it is on!

Frey pauses to flex his biceps and PeeWee spots an opportunity.  “Do that again”.  Frey does and PeeWee wraps his massive arms around Frey in a rear bearhug!  With his ribcage being crushed, Frey desperately grabs PeeWee in a side headlock, squeezing for all he’s worth!  PeeWee escapes and traps the Beautiful one in a textbook Full Nelson!  But you know what they say about payback – Frey reverses and lifts PeeWee off the ground in a bearhug of his own!  A Full Nelson and a classic Ab Stretch have PeeWee screaming!  He’s not out yet though as he kicks Frey hard in the abs before throwing him over his shoulders and parading him around.  Frey is being manhandled!

Frey hoists PeeWee up and stretches his body out on his back, PeeWee’s muscular body on display and bulging! HOT!!  A clubbing clothesline to the chest and Frey is down!  These two statuesque titans are bringing everything in their fight to be the alpha!  PeeWee crushes Frey underfoot as he flexes and bounces his pecs, stomping him into the ground.  Leg splits, nelson stretches, grapevines – a devastating elbow to the face has one wrestler trapped and spread-eagled!  A picture-perfect Boston Crab!  This is awesome!!  This match has everything from cheap hair-pulling and dirty tactics to classic strength and power holds!  Will PeeWee finally beat the house and get a notch in the Win column?  Or will Frey rule the mats once more?  Who will reign supreme and who will get thrown into the pool?  Get this match of the Vegas titans today and find out!