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Frey vs Professor Muscles - Mat Wars 86

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Frey is pissed!  Mr. mike promised him no more matches with new guys, yet here is Professor Muscles fresh up!  Actually Mr. Mike paid Professor Muscles extra money to put a hurt on Frey because Frey has been talking smack about other wrestlers behind their backs and felt he needed to be humbled by a new guy.  Professor Muscles is a 2 time state champ who turned into a bodybuilder and has power and smarts that is going to make him tough to beat!  

This turns into an intense. Battle where even the guys make side bets with each other who’s going to submit next.  The professor loves to crush people in bearhugs but he better watch out for Frey’s devastating sleepers or he will be out before it gets started!