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Frey raptor arm armbar armlock submission submit

Frey vs Raptor - Battlespace 95

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

If there’s one thing that Frey loves (possibly even more than he loves himself!), it’s to put rookie wrestlers in their place.  He has forged a reputation as Thunder’s initiation heel, a dominating force of skill, strength and sheer persona.  The mat is where he lives and anyone who steps onto it with him can expect a match to remember!  Frey’s opponent for today, Raptor, is a recent addition to the roster, but has already hung with the best of them on the mat.  Easing in with a little trash talking, Frey and Raptor suddenly lunge at each other for a lock up.  Raptor takes Frey down with a single leg and follows him down.  Raptor is all over Frey as he takes hold of his legs and flips the veteran over into a Boston Crab!  Frey, in ultra-tight red and blue trunks, groans in pain as Raptor sits back.  Raptor knows it’s way too early for a submission, but he just proved that he’s no pushover!  But then the ultimate rookie mistake – Frey offers his hand in friendship and Raptor, being a good sportsman, accepts.  BOOM!  A lightning quick kick to the midsection stuns Raptor, allowing Frey to get behind and lift Raptor high up in a rear bearhug!  Frey demands an apology from Raptor, but he responds with a kick to the knee and a slam to the mat!  The ultra-confident Raptor humiliates Frey even more by doing push-ups on him, peppered with the odd elbow to Frey’s midsection!  Mirroring Frey’s earlier trick, Raptor offers his hand to Frey – but the veteran answers with a hard cheapshot to the balls!  Raptor writhes in pain as Frey stands on his back and starts doing squats, but Frey reckons without Raptor’s strength as the rookie pushes hard off the floor, causing Frey to tumble to the mat!  Raptor pulls Frey to the centre of the mat and performs some more push-ups on his chest before yanking him up and over into another Boston Crab!  Raptor is oozing confidence as he releases the hold, eager to punish the veteran some more!

Finally, Frey snaps!  Raptor finds himself in an Ab Stretch, then hauled off the mat and slammed down in an over the knee backbreaker!  Frey does some push-ups of his own over Raptor’s prone body, even doing them one handed!  Raptor is incensed, launching himself at Frey and hoisting him up in a bone-shattering bearhug!  Raptor squeezes with enough pressure to make a diamond and soon has Frey frantically tapping!  Raptor drops Frey, who clutches his ribs in pain.  Feigning concern, Raptor grabs Frey by the neck and lifts him high in the air!  Frey has seriously hurting, but another rookie mistake by Raptor turns the table again!  The battle rages between the two titans – Frey is furious with his submission to the rookie and is determined to make Raptor suffer as a consequence!  Frey is unrelenting as he punished the neck and back of the rookie, until Raptor is forced to give in a surfboard!  Frey even’s the score!

Full nelsons, bearhugs, chokes, leg locks, even a deadly Spear!  Can Raptor come back to regain his lead and upset the veteran superstar?  Or will bad boy Frey add another rookie victim to his list of wins?  Get this action-packed match now to find out!