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Viggo Rex bearhug lift carry arms

Frey vs Rex & Viggo vs Rex - Bearhug Challenge 11

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Rex returns to Thunder's after a long hiatus to take on not one, but two competitors.

In his first match, Rex takes on veteran wrestler, Frey. Rex shows off his beefed up frame while Frey confidently displays the body and face that earned him the nickname, "Frey the beautiful". The two trade rib-crushing bear hugs before Rex gets Frey to the mat for a good stretch. Once back up on their feet, Rex attacks again and manages to put Frey into an upside down bearhug. Frey and Rex each smash the other against the pillar in an attempt to crush their opponent. Which of the seasoned veterans will prove victorious?

In the second match, Rex is paired up with relative new comer, Viggo in his first ever Bearhug Challenge. Rex again uses his upside down bearhug technique in this match and tries to squeeze the life out of the newer wrestler. Viggo fights back and does some rib crushing of his own, squeezing the beefier, hairy Rex. Will Rex have what it takes to make it through two back-to-back bearhug matches?