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Frey and Scrappy flex off at Thudners Arena Wrestling.

Frey vs Scrappy - Rough and Ready 109

$ 25.95


If you loved Frey vs Bolt gut punching video, your going to love this style of match.  Plus spoiler alert - it’s all. REAL 

That’s right scrappy and fray were joking around saying you wanna fight!  They were chest bumping and literally really crushing into each other.  They were alI pumped up to see who was the toughest.  Testosterone was extra high in the room that day.  Scrappy has added on new 10 lbs of muscle he wanted to show off, Frey’s been trapped studying for school so he wanted to Fuck someone up to get out the stress, it was the perfect storm!  

Brutallity is an understatement in this match.  There is gut punching like crazy and even biceps biting!  The gut being abused over and over with all kinds of moves is crazy intense!  This was exciting to watch as we filmed it as we got caught up in the action!  Lots of dirty tricks and surprises!  It’s not a squash but man it was brutal.  Each man getting in his licks while absorbing punching and punishment!