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Skyler flex pose muscle worship biceps arms chest pecs flexing

Frey vs Skyler - Battlespace 80

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Frey is always very impressed with himself and so he has little respect for fresh faced Skyler, a muscular newcomer with amateur wrestling experience. The mat action is intense right from the start as both of these muscular competitors go for take downs, counters and apply side headlocks and cradles. Things actually get a little out of hand when Skyler applies a hold with a dangerous amount of pressure on Freys neck. Frey storms off the mat, but eventually returns for some revenge, telling the wide eyed Skyler that he may know some amateur moves, but now they are going to do some pro wrestling. Frey locks Skyler into a belly to belly bear hug, Skyler gasping for breath. As Frey walks around the ring with Skyler helplessly locked in his bear hug, Frey says Not much of a pro are you? Just an amateur. Then Frey puts the rookie in a full nelson, still carrying him around the mat. Frey tells the fans to get a good look at Skyler because they are not going to see him around much after Frey gets done with him. After Frey throws Skyler to the mat, he tells the new guy he should just leave. But Skyler shows no sign of quitting and puts up his arms for a mercy challenge. As Skyler starts to get the advantage, he knees Frey in the ribs, then applies a full nelson. Now in control, Skyler gets verbal, telling Frey to get down, forcing Frey to his knees and asking him if he likes it. When Skyler releases the hold, Frey quickly puts him over his knee for a backbreaker, then rolls him to the mat and applies a body scissors. As Skyler groans in pain, Frey mocks him, flexing his biceps right in front of Skylers face. Then he punishes the new guy by slamming his leg down into Skylers gut a few times. When Frey gets to his feet and does some flexing, Skyler does some flexing and bragging of his own, saying Look at these muscles, these abs. Its a totally hot flex off with great camera close ups. The mat action continues when Skyler locks Frey into a leg scissors. Frey breaks out and sits on Skyler and gives him some gut punches, making fun of Skylers abs. Then Frey stretches Skylers legs apart with Skyler helpless on his back. When Frey releases the hold, Skyler shows hes far from beaten and puts Frey in an ab stretch, telling him to submit. Frey breaks out and puts Skyler in a belly to belly bear hug. Skyler moans in agony, but doesnt submit. Frey drops Skyler to the mat and then stomps his foot on Skylers tender ribs to inflict more pain. When Skyler still does not submit, Frey puts Skyler in a camel clutch and humiliates the new guy by grabbing him under the chin and shoving the handsome rookies face right into the camera. Tough Skyler gets out of the painful hold by grabbing Freys legs and rolling Frey into a cradle, saying This is how a real man does it. Skyler then kicks Frey in the ribs telling him to stay down. When Frey gets up, Skyler puts him in a double handed choke lift and drops him to the mat. But Frey has had enough of the rookie. He puts Skyler in a choke lift, saying thats how its done before dropping Skyler to the mat. Skyler attempts a cradle, but Frey gets free and kidney punches the new guy, followed by a knee to Skylers back. Skyler says that he never loses and refuses to give. But when Frey puts Skyler into a torture rack, the tough, handsome new guy eventually gives. As Frey walks off the mat, he shakes his head at the foolishness of the newcomer who thought he could beat him. If you enjoy watching a seasoned veteran pro wrestler show a tough, baby faced amateur who is boss on the mat, this is one you will watch over and over.