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Frey Specimen camel clutch chokehold choke submission submit Thunders Arena

Frey vs Specimen - Bodybuilder Battle 72

$ 25.95

Frey and Specimen arm wrestle to prove who really owns the mat at Thunder's. Frey gives it his all, but just doesn't have the strength to stand up to Specimen's awesome guns. To further show whose the man, the two take turns doing situps while the other rides on their back and when that doesn't settle it, the two decide on a game of mercy. Wrestling is the only way to settle this so the two tie up and quickly Frey ends up on Specimen's back and pulls his tank top up over the big guy's eyes, gaining the advantage. When Frey tries to strangle Specimen with his own tank top, Specimen come sup between Frey's legs and lifts him on his shoulders, off the mat. Specimen returns Frey to the ground, but then returns the favor with a choke, body scissors, upside down bear hug and a fireman's carry before throwing him back to the mat and punishing Frey with a surfboard. Specimen lifts Frey off the mat again, this time with a choke lift and slams him to the mat where Frey appears disoriented. But it's all a rouse. As Specimen stands over Frey, flexing and showing off his physique, Frey springs to action, lifting his bulky opponent off his feet and placing him in an over-the-knee back-breaker. Specimen gets free and goes on the offensive, getting Frey in a headlock which turns into yet another fireman's carry. Frey is thrown to the mat again and Specimen gloats once again, flexing and showing his muscled dominance. But Frey still has more fight in him and the two go back and forth, trading bear hugs and trying to crush each others ribs. Who will win this battle for superiority?