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Frey vs Steel - Custom Video Series 66

Frey vs Steel - Custom Video Series 66

$ 31.25

Steel is back and looking bigger than ever!


In a darkened gym, decidedly after hours, fan-favourite bodybuilder Steel is going through some poses under the spotlight in the wrestling ring.  Steel is appropriately named, with a physique to make even Superman stare!  Steel is particularly pleased with how he looks under the lighting and whips his phone out for a selfie, not noticing a figure creeping up behind him until it’s too late – BAM!  Frey, in yellow trunks, enters the ring and BATTERS Steel with a metal pole!  The bodybuilder falls to the canvas, where Frey brings the pole crashing down on his back – Steel is out cold!  Seems Frey wasn’t too happy with how their last meeting went and is out for some payback!  Frey hauls Steel up and dumps him in the corner, hooking his legs over the bottom ropes.  Frey wakes up the slumbering stud, throwing water in his face and slapping him around, not to mention stripping him down to trunks whilst he’s still groggy!  Frey absolutely UNLOADS on Steel’s abs, tenderising that brick wall into mush!  Punches, kicks, shoulder barges – Steel is in MAJOR trouble!  Multiple uppercuts from Frey!  Steel crumples to the canvas, knocked out cold again by Frey’s onslaught!

This time, Frey wake him up with a chinlock, pulling up HARD on Steel’s head!  This is possibly the roughest and meanest we’ve seen Frey – he whispers menacingly into Steel’s ear – “we’re just getting started…”  Frey lets loose with clubbing forearm blows to Steel’s head, before cinching in a choke hold!  Frey’s thick biceps crush into Steel’s throat, threatening to put him out again!  Steel tries to hulk out, but the pressure from Frey’s hold is inexorable and Steel has no choice but to succumb to the darkness – but the night isn’t over yet!  Frey continues his dominating attack, assaulting Steel’s face!  Another choke has Steel coughing and gasping for breath – this is Steel as we’ve NEVER seen him before!  The musclehunk is helpless as Frey puts him out yet again!

Frey the Vengeful isn’t done punishing his hated foe – he wants to hurt Steel and send a message to the rest of the lockerroom!  A tight rear bearhug has Steel screaming and clutching at Frey’s clasped hands – all that muscle isn’t helping Steel now!  Frey decides to humiliate the musclestud – he takes a belt and LITERALLY whips Steel’s ass, over and over again!  Frey goes to town on the bodybuilder, beating him with scissors, chokes, punches, eye-rakes and more.  Will Steel find the strength to rally?  Or will Frey succeed in putting his nemesis away for good!  One wrestler stands on the other’s chest, forcing him to look up at his posing!  Absolute humiliation!  Only one of these gladiators will walk away, leaving the other out cold on the concrete floor – grab it today and see how this rough and nasty muscle bout ends!