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Frey Steve leg full Nelson submission hold submit abs chest pecs

Frey vs Steve - Rough & Ready 76

$ 31.25

Frey’s heard about Steve after his match against Marco, he’s the new MMA guy here that likes to wrestle. Frey’s here to show him what wrestling’s really about. After some grappling around and getting a feel for one another, Frey is ready to get things going. He picks Steve up over his back in a rack, and asks if he’s ready to start taking some falls down to the mat. Steve isn’t scared, so Frey just drops him down. Frey’s impressed with how quickly he pops back up from the ground, so he picks him by the neck and slams Steve against the wall, just holding him and choking him there, hoping to tire him out some. Once he lets Steve go, Steve is just energized and ready to fight back, he takes Frey down by the leg, and gets on top of him to start his barrage of gut punches against Frey. Frey is impressed with the newbies skill and strength, but he’s still no match for Frey. He flips Steve over and wraps him around into an intense body scissors, crushing all of Steve’s insides with his massive quads. Frey is just hanging out, and starts to do pushups while Steve is trapped in his legs to show off. Frey loves to show off his superior muscles and skill. Steve does not like being made an example of though, and wriggles his way free to start gut punching Frey all over again. This time he’s punching Frey much harder and fast, completely knocking the wind out of Frey! Frey needs to take a break and catch his breath, so he starts trying to delay by flexing for the camera, but Steve is having none of that. He takes Frey down from behind and wraps him up in a figure four leg lock, one of Frey’s favorite moves. It’s not his favorite move when he’s on the receiving end! Frey’s screaming in agony and Steve is yelling for Frey to tap out. Frey isn’t tapping out, and manages to break free, but not for long. Steve comes at Frey and contorts his body into an ab stretcher, really working Frey’s body. Frey’s very confused, exclaiming he thought this guy was an MMA fighter and wondering where all these moves and wrestling skills are coming from. Steve quickly switches it up and pulls Frey’s shoulders back into a full nelson. Frey is trying frantically to flex out of it, but Steve’s grip is too strong. Frey is getting pissed, he’d been taken it easy on the new guy, thinking it would be an easy match but Steve has been deceiving Frey the whole time. Is Frey gonna be taken down by the new guy? Or will Frey’s anger come out to his advantage, and allow him to take Steve down for good?