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Frey vs Tank - No Holds Barred 103

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

A wrestling match over Thunder's new set? That's right. Frey the Beautiful decorated the new Thunder's set. Tank walks in and is not a fan. He thinks the set is outdated and says he can do a better job. Frey is not happy and unleashes on Tank. He puts Tank in a rear bearhug then low blows Tank to the ground. Frey put tanks Tank in a choke hold and headlock and won't release the hold until Tank says the set looks good. Tank says no way and breaks free. More back and forth arguing over the decor, so Frey picks up Tank and puts him in a over the knee back breaker. Still Tank won't change his mind. Frey slaps on a vicious body scissor, but Tank still won't give in. A figure four leg hold by Frey has Tank screaming in pain.

Tank is able to break away and gets Frey in a vicious rear bearhug. Tank low blows Frey, but Frey returns the favor and brings Tank back to the ground. Tank ain't that easy to keep down. He low blows Frey and puts Frey in a sleeper but releases the hold. Big mistake! Frey picks up Tank and delivers a massive atomic drop sending Tank to the ground. Tank recovers but is brought back down again by a vicious dirty trick. Frey applies an ab stretch, but Tank still won't change his mind about the set. Frey applies a massive camel clutch then picks up Tank 3 times and delivers incredible back breakers!! Frey puts Tank in a sleeper hold, and Tank finally says the set is ok. This isn't good enough for Frey. Frey picks Tank up, racks him on his shoulders, and gives Tank a dirty trick, telling him to admit the set is beautiful. Will Tank finally give in and admit the set is beautiful or come back and mount his revenge? Buy this awesome match to find out!!