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Tanked over the knee backbreaker Frey thighs

Frey vs Tanked - Mat Wars 61

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Tanked’s a brand new wrestler at Thunder’s, and he’s huge! Standing at 6’4” and a ton of pure muscle, 250 pounds! Tanked’s a real college wrestler, and Frey is a bit intimidated. Frey isn’t nearly as tall, but he is a great wrestler. Tanked starts flexing to show of his huge muscles, and Frey just keeps stepping in front of him to show off his own muscles. Frey doesn’t want anyone looking at the giant Tanked, he wants all the attention on his own muscles. Tanked keeps on flexing and Frey takes a step back to observe the big guy, talking smack to him the entire time. Tanked isn’t too intimidated by Frey’s scare tactics though, he knows he’s got the advantage. As Frey steps in front of Tanked to flex in front of him one more time, Tanked comes in to yank Frey back into a full nelson, picking him clear up off the mat! Frey is shocked and surprised to be man handled so easily, he’s definitely not used to that. He breaks free of Tanked’s grasp just to be picked up and slammed into Tanked’s knee. Tanked has a fierce battle aura about him, and he’s ready to destroy Frey. He’s grunting and yelling as he’s breaking Frey’s back against his knee. Frey struggles and breaks out, but he can’t get a leg up against Tanked, he’s just too strong. Not only is he strong but Tanked has the technical wrestling skill to back up his size. He’s flipped Frey over and is on top of him, flexing his bulging biceps into Frey’s mouth, yelling at him to eat his muscles, he can’t beat those massive biceps. Frey better give up now if he wants to live. Frey isn’t one to give up quite so easily though and he keeps on fighting against Tanked. Frey tries to catch himself a breather by flexing for the camera, showing all his fans what they really want to see. Tanked isn’t going easy on Frey though, and he comes right into the posing Frey with no break to pick him up and drop him hard on the mat. Frey’s getting so pissed that he’s being absolutely dominated, he hasn’t been this dominated in a long time, that he actually walks off the mat to take a breather. Tanked doesn’t care, he’s just flexing and showing off in the mean time, he knows once Frey is back he’s going to keep on dominating. What happens when Frey comes back? Does he get his mojo back and to turn the match around? Or does Tanked continue his brutal domination over Frey?