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Travis arm lock Frey pecs chest arms

Frey vs Travis - Mat Wars 65

$ 31.25

#1 Bestseller Jan 2016

Travis is a hot, young, ripped bodybuilder, but he's a terrible wrestler. We've seen all the emails into us about how you all wish Travis was a better wrestler because you love seeing his body. We've listened, the fan feedback was awesome!   Mr. Mike has brought Frey in for a special one on one training session with Travis, teaching him how to do all new power moves.

Travis, while he is huge strong can't help but show off his body while learning.  Frey tries to teaches Travis the tricks of the trade but the kid is a flexing machine.  These two man have bulging egos to match those muscles while practicing the attitudes start flying. Travis is still in teen age bodybuilder who thinks he is going to become the next wrestling Mr. USA and advantage to show off how much bigger his is then Frey, flexing and posing, while learning moves.  Frey puts the hurt on Travis for not being more respectful of his teaching and that is something you do not want to miss!  If you're a fan of flexing and lifting; hardcore power and muscle frat boys powerlifting and bear hugging each other, then you'll love this match.