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frey vein eye gouge pain agony thunders arena

Frey vs Vein - Mat Rats 60

$ 25.95

Vein is back in the arena and Frey is here to help teach Vein some new wrestling moves to be able to use in his upcoming match against Talon. Vein is preoccupied with flexing all of his muscles, but Frey is really wanting to teach Vein the new wrestling moves. Vein’s paying no attention, and is really starting to piss Frey off. Frey comes in to show Vein a bearhug, afterwards, Vein continues to flex, so Frey goes in immediately to show him a full nelson. He’s got Vein in the full nelson, and Vein is more than willing to flex his way out of that. Frey isn’t too happy with his flexing though so he puts him right into an ab stretch, and starts to really apply some pressure and stretching to start knocking some sense into Vein. Frey has Vein practice the ab stretch against him, and he does it really well. He lets Frey out and starts to flex again, and this is the last straw, Frey is pissed that he’s offering his skills and being completely ignored. He picks Vein up into a fireman’s carry and starts to stretch him out. He thinks he’s got Vein’s head in the game now and lets him down to teach him how to do the same move. He’s going through the motions and after a few tries succeeds in teaching Vein the fireman’s carry. While Frey is laying across his shoulders, Vein starts to flex his legs. Frey is done with messing around, and gives him a hard ab punch and jumps out of the carry to come attack Vein. He pulls veins arm back into a half nelson and starts to really hurt Vein. he knocks him down onto the mat and pulls him and shoulders back into a really painful stretch, Vein is screaming on the mat and says he’ll start to focus and take the training session seriously. Frey is happy and lays down to start walking Vein through the move. Vein pulls a little bit too hard on Frey, a little bit more than he should be doing in a training session. Frey has been very patient and nice to Vein, but this may be the last straw. Frey begins to show him the next move, the figure four leg lock. This time, Frey isn’t just showing him how the move is done, Frey puts all the pressure on Vein and really starts to hurt Vein’s legs. He doesn’t go easy on Vein any more, and Vein is in absolute agony laying on the mat. How much longer will Vein be able to keep getting away with all his flexing before Frey has had enough and goes all out against him? Will Vein learn any moves to be able to hold his own against Talon? Buy the match today to find out.