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viking frey mens muscle wrestling thunders arena flex

Frey vs Viking - Mat Wars 82

$ 25.95

This match starts unlike most, it seems like Viking is showing Frey some pins, as they are rolling around on the ground, Vikings shorts fall down some and Frey notices Vikings very pink wrestling shorts, and he can't help but  to let Viking know how much he doesn't like them. Viking doesn't appreciate Frey's comments and before Frey can leave he puts him in a sleeper, but once Viking releases Frey, he clearly hasn't learned his lesson and keeps making fun of Vikings pink shorts, Viking replies with two mighty gut punches, he pins Frey's arm back and displays him for the camera, slapping Frey's stomach, but as usual Frey won't submit and keeps making fun of vikings pink shorts! Viking throws Frey against the wall and gives Frey two ab breaking punches, than lifts him up in a chokehold! see if Viking gets his revenge!