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reverse bear hug

Frey vs Wildcard - Battlespace 108

$ 34.75

Frey's Revenge! After Frey's previous defeat to Wildcard, he is back for revenge! Frey the beautiful begins flexing, admiring his physique and new wrestling trunks. Wildcard walks in and dislikes Frey's multi-color trunks. Wildcard says his trunks are the new style, and Frey's trunks are old. The match for who has the best trunks is on! Frey surprises Wildcard and picks up the 240 pounder in a rear bearhug. He then transitions to a full nelson with Wildcard lifted off the ground. Wildcard returns the favor and picks Frey up in a rear bearhug before throwing him to the mat. Wildcard begins gut punching Frey's abs then body slams him. He puts Frey in his signature reverse head scissors demanding Frey tap. Frey refuses and decides to torture Wildcard's legs. He twists Wildcard's ankles, transitions to a figure four leg hold, and lays back across Wildcard's thick back. To add more pain, he pulls back on Wildcard's arms! Wildcard breaks away and puts Frey in a tight sleeper. Frey escapes and locks him in an arm bar. Wildcard puts Frey in a body scissor/half nelson combo but is taken down by one of Frey's low blows. Both wrestlers then battle in repeated head scissors and argue about which color wrestling trunks are best. Wildcard tells Frey he's pretty strong for someone who wears rainbow thongs! Frey head scissors him, shoves the rag back in, and delivers a MASSIVE ball claw! Wildcard escapes and does another reverse head scissors. While Frey is in the head scissors, he head scissors Wildcard AT THE SAME TIME! The two begin rolling around the mat with both head scissors locked in! Frey bearhugs Wildcard to break away. He straddles Wildcard's face with his thighs and gut punches his abs! Frey delivers another head scissor and has the giant pinned in tight. Wildcard can't break the hold, and Frey makes him tap. Frey isn't done and puts Wildcard in a figure four leg hold. Wildcard is moaning in pain and repeatedly taps out!! He bends and pins Wildcard's legs behind him forcing a DOUBLE TAP OUT!! Frey goes for another figure four leg hold and lays back into a bridge hold, forcing Wildcard to tap out for the final time!! Frey's REVENGE is complete, and this match is definitely worth adding to your collection.