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frey wildcard thunders arena mens muscle wrestling

Frey vs Wildcard - Mat Rats 93

$ 31.25

Tire, Towel, and Torture!

The match begins with Wildcard getting his pump on by curling a tire and flexing it out. Frey the Beautiful walks in and is not impressed. He makes Wildcard wash his hands with some water and a towel before the match begins. Frey drapes the towel around his neck. Big mistake!! Wildcard grabs the towel and hurls Frey to the ground. This match is on!! The two lock up, and Wildcard gets the first take down. He stretches Frey out on the mat yanking his arm almost out of socket then folds Frey up in a tight pin. Wildcard decides not to do a 3 count and releases the hold. Frey grabs the nearby towel and starts choking Wildcard with it dragging the behemoth to the ground. Wildcard grabs the towel this time and starts whipping Frey with it. The two lock up again and bring the match to the mat. Frey is able to topple the giant and starts choking out Wildcard. Wildcard is able to break away, lifts Frey onto his shoulder, then slams him to the mat. Wildcard locks in a cross body pin pulling on Frey's neck and leg. No 3 count again, and Wildcard releases the hold.

Frey takes the big man down this time and stretches Wildcard out across his body. Wildcard is screaming in pain but overpowers Frey and breaks the hold. He puts Frey in a Boston crab and repeatedly slams Frey's knees to the mat. Wildcard does a victory flex. Big mistake!! Frey grabs his leg and trips him to the ground. Frey kicks Wildcard while he's down on the mat then slaps on a sleeper hold. Wildcard is gasping for air. Frey rolls Wildcard over then uses his legs to force Wildcard into a headstand!! Wildcard comes back though and cradles Frey into 2 super tight pins. Frey's legs are pinned so tight that his knees are in his own face!!

Wildcard isn't done torturing Frey yet and picks him up in a fireman's carry. The giant is pouring with sweat and begins rocking Frey on his shoulders. He throws Frey to the ground and delivers a vicious elbow drop!! Wildcard locks Frey in a body scissor combination sleeper hold but releases the hold before Frey goes out.

Frey has had enough and picks up Wildcard in a massive front bearhug!! Wildcard's bulging muscles are no help, and he falls to the ground. It's Frey's turn to deliver a Boston crab to the big man. Frey stretches out Wildcard on the mat, but he breaks away and chokes Frey on the mat. He then picks Frey up in a standing choke lift!!

After he recovers, Frey cheap shots Wildcard to the ground then stretches out Wildcard upside down with his neck on the mat. It looks like Wildcard's neck will break at any moment!! Frey straddles the giant then delivers vicious trap squeezes to Wildcard's massive back. Wildcard retaliates with his own takedown. He straddles Frey's head and begins crushing it with his tree trunk thighs!! Frey is moaning in pain. Wildcard isn't done torturing Frey and delivers another choke lift. He brings Frey back down all the way to the mat but still has the chokehold locked in!! Wildcard is repeating "good night" as he attempts to sleeper Frey in his massive chokehold. Will Frey fall victim to Wildcard's unstoppable chokehold or come back for the win? Buy this awesome match to find out!!