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Frey vs Wolf - Mat Wars 52

$ 34.75

Does "Pride cometh before a fall"?

Frey's looking bigger than ever and Wolf's in impressive condition himself, but his warm-up and stretching only earns him Frey's mocking scorn. Wolf replies with a choke hold on Frey, but Frey quickly gets a bearhug on Wolf. Wolf turns it around and gets a bearhug on Frey, then administers an eye gouge on the champ. Frey delivers a low blow to Wolf to stop him in his tracks, then gets Wolf into a Boston Crab. Frey smashes Wolf's back, but a low blow stops his assault. Wolf puts Frey in a humiliating schoolboy pin, but Frey upends Wolf. However, Wolf lifts Frey into a brutal over-the- knee backbreaker, not once but TWICE Wolf continues to work Frey's legs in a figure four, sitting on Frey's back. Frey picks Wolf up and slams him onto this back in retaliation. Frey works Wolf's legs in a figure four leglock, then really puts the hurt on Wolf's back, arching and stretching it painfully. Frey poses in arrogant triumph.

He puts Wolf's head between his thighs and crushes it. Wolf taps and taps until Frey relents. Wolf slams a knee into Frey's abs, then kicks Frey when he's down. He straddles Frey, his head between his thighs, but Frey lifts Wolf off his feet in an impressive display of power. He drives Wolf to the wall, upside down taking the wind out of him. Frey then drags the stunning Wolf to the center of the mat, but a lowblow kick stops Frey's attack. Wolf gets Frey in an ab stretch, then rolls Frey onto his head and into a somersault. Frey recovers with an attack on Wolf's abs, including a vicious claw. Another low blow on Frey puts Wolf on top of the champ. Wolf squats hard on Frey's back, over and over, crushing his torso. Wolf straddles Frey and applies a camel clutch, then a finishing Rear Naked Choke Hold...Frey taps out! And Wolf puncuates his win in this round with a stomp to Frey's back. The two athletes get into a posing routine, Frey attempting to intimidate his lucky opponent. In the next round, Wolf chokes Frey, crushes his head with between his thighs, and chokes Frey until he collapses. Has Wolf actually managed to find Frey's "Achilles heel"? Will Frey's arrogance lead to his downfall- OR will the champ assert his dominance and will Experience and Skill once again prevail over defensive instincts and brute strength?